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Realtor Safety Tips for Homeowners

Selling real estate in Overland Park is generally a safe thing to do. But being a Realtor is actually on the list of one of the most dangerous professions. Since crazies are everywhere, I’m always aware of what’s going on around me. If you’re a woman and you’re letting service people into your house when you’re home alone, please be careful. There are way too many stories of women being victims of senseless crimes.

Realtor safety is always at risk

Over the years there have been many incidents with Realtors both locally and around the country that were scary enough to make me want to get out of the business. Realtors have been killed while showing houses, during open houses and meeting strangers at houses. They’ve been stabbed, shot to death and strangled. They’ve been tied up with their own pantyhose, beat up and taken to withdraw money from ATM’s.

You can never be too safe

With September being Realtor safety month, I’d like to share some of my Realtor safety tips I’ve learned. Some are obvious, some you may not have thought about before.

Never let a stranger with the gas company, etc. tell you they need to come into your house to perform some random service. Keep your front door locked and call the company to verify.

There was a guy that I reported who was working in my neighbor’s yard as a contractor for one of the cable companies. He asked me if I lived in that big house by myself – which caused me to report him. “No, my husband just doesn’t come out much. He’s too busy watching your every move from the window while cleaning his guns.”

I asked the painter who was painting the house behind me to give me a bid to get my house painted. He asked me if I was single because he offered discounts to single women. “Do you have grandkids?” Then I found his mug on the sex offender’s site for child molestation. These freaks are everywhere!

7 Realtor safety tips for staying safe in your own home

First of all, who is coming into your home? If you call a large company and have a service call on your furnace, who will be coming out? Does the company perform background checks on their employees? If they are sending two guys, get a friend to come over – just to be there with you.

If you’re a female (or not), here are my 7 Best Never Ever Realtor Safety Tips I use at open houses. You can use these same tips when a stranger comes into your Overland Park home:

  1. Never ever let them think you are home alone. Tell them your brother is upstairs on the computer, your husband is in another room on a conference call or on his way home.
  2. Never ever go to the basement ahead of a stranger – he could knock you down the stairs or hit you over the head. Tell him to go first, you’ll follow. Or better yet, lead him to the basement door, watching behind you as you walk. He’ll find the furnace, etc. on his own.
  3. Never ever walk up the stairs ahead of a stranger – tell him – go ahead, you’ll follow.
  4. Never ever turn your back on this person. Don’t get so busy that you forget to pay attention to these guys. Stay alert. If they are in the basement, stay upstairs but keep your eyes on the stairs and know where they are at all times.
  5. Never ever not have your cell phone on you – in your hand or pocket and be ready to use it.
  6. Never ever forget to have someone call you right after the appointment starts and have a code word to use if you feel things aren’t going right – make sure your ringer is on and have them call 911 if you don’t answer.
  7. Never ever let their truck in the driveway block your car in the garage so you can’t escape. Park your car in the street in case you need to leave. Have your running shoes on and your car keys in your pocket.

I had a friend who would actually take a shower while workmen were in her house. Never ever in a million years would I suggest doing something like that!

Here are a few apps for your smart phone that will help you stay safe:

  • Glympse
  • EmergenSee
  • BSafe
  • Women Safety
  • Lifeline Response

Do you have someone who needs a reminder about some of these Realtor safety tips? Please be sure to share with your friends! Realtor Safety Month is a good reminder that you can never ever be too safe!

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