What’s Your 1-5 Year Downsizing Plan?

What’s Your 1-5 Year

Downsizing Plan?

If you’ve been thinking about where you want to live next, it may be time to think about your 1-5 Year Downsizing Plan. Then when it’s time to sell your home, you’ll be ready.

Many seniors and boomers are thinking of selling sometime within the next year or so. Maybe you…

  • plan on retiring
  • want to move to be closer to your grandchildren
  • just need to get out of the big Overland Park house 
  • dream of something smaller, on one level, or newer
  • desire more manageable or maintenance provided
  • know you want less responsibility so you can travel more

Updating Your Home to Sell

If you’ve been in your home a number of years, now is the time to start thinking about selling your home. Especially in today’s Overland Park real estate market, your house has to look better than ever because the competition is fierce. And that may require making some updates.

But what updates should you make? That’s where the questions arise. I work with people just like you every day. They are confused about what they need to do to sell their home faster and for more money. They know they need to do something but they’re not sure what. Then rather than reaching out to me for a FREE Consultation, they do nothing.

Costly Mistakes When Updating

You may make the mistake of spending money on things that really don’t matter when selling your home. Don’t make costly mistakes when upgrading your home. Before you call in the troops, make sure what you’re doing are the right things that buyers expect in a home like yours.

Rather than make the wrong choices, now is the perfect time to gather your information, get the right tips for selling your home and start working towards your next move. You can spread it out over the next few months or years. That way it won’t seem so overwhelming. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re getting a little something out of the investment you’ve made. Furthermore, you’ll be able to enjoy it. There’s nothing worse than spending a bunch of money to sell and then feeling sad because you didn’t get to enjoy the upgrades you made.

Creating Your Downsizing Plan

As your Realtor, Home Stager and Downsizing Expert, I will help you create your course of action as well as provide you with a time table that will work towards your goal of selling your home. My 1-5 Year Downsizing Plan is a 2 hour interior and exterior consultation that will answer all of your questions. Then you’ll receive a written punch list of things to do that were discussed in your consultation. I’ll also include my best recommendations of people to do the work.

Home Staging Magic

Once you finish your projects, I’ll come in and do your home staging that will set your home apart from your competition. That’s the icing on the cake and the most important part of selling your home in Overland Park.

Call or text me at (913) 515-3250 to discuss your needs and to schedule your 1-5  Year Downsizing Plan Consultation or you can get started here.