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3 Easy Ways to Avoid Home Buyer Remorse

Home buyer remorse or getting cold feet is easy to do in a real estate market like we’re in right now. Oftentimes, you have little time to think about the house you’re about to make an offer on. But there are things you can do to prepare for your real estate purchase and avoid home buyer remorse.

3 things to ask yourself to avoid home buyer remorse

  1. Have you looked at enough houses to know what you want in the house you’re going to buy?
    • If you haven’t quite made a decision about the kind of house you want, getting into a multiple offer situation might not be the right thing for you
    • I tell my buyers that they need to lose a couple of houses before they are ready to step up to the plate and be ready to win the game. You not only have to be ready to play, you have to play to win.
  2. Did you fall in love with the house within 10 seconds of entering the front door?
    • If you don’t love the house, let it go. There will be other houses that will come on the market. Don’t buy a house because you fear losing out. That’s home buyer’s remorse waiting to happen.
  3. Do you have a strong real estate agent guiding you to the right decision?
    • Do you have an honest agent that will steer you away from a house? I know I keep more of my buyers from making a wrong decision but it always pays off in the long run. I don’t want them to make a bad decision and somehow it turn out to be my fault. I make sure I point out every flaw I see so they are aware of what they are getting themselves into. I also tell them if I wouldn’t buy the house and why.
    • Does your agent have enough experience to handle all of the problems that come up in every real estate transaction? I’m working with another agent right now that has no idea what he’s doing. The first red flag was he didn’t know how to write up the contract correctly. Had we been in a multiple offer situation, his buyers wouldn’t have stood a chance. Buyers depend on agents to be their problem solvers but an inexperienced agent doesn’t even know what might come up, much less how to handle and negotiate the issues. I recently worked with an agent that had to call her broker every time something happened. She couldn’t think on her feet because of her lack of experience. It’s exhausting when you can’t move forward because the other agent is waiting for instructions from her boss.

Bottom line

Hopefully, you know what you want in the house you’re going to buy, you can see yourself living there and you’ve chosen the right agent that knows how to get from making the offer, getting it accepted and closed without much of a hiccup. There will always be problems in real estate – it’s whether or not your agent is skilled enough to get the job done. I recently had an agent tell me that only 60% of her deals close because they fall apart somewhere before closing. Yikes! That’s not right. I’d hate to be one of her buyers. You don’t want your agent to be the cause of your home buyer remorse.

With 29 years of real estate experience, I pride myself in being a great negotiator and problem solver. No matter what it takes, 100% of my listings and buyers close. My clients depend on it and I’m never too busy with another transaction to let them down. Call me at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here and let’s see how I can help you find the right home and avoid home buyer remorse.

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