3 Types of Overland Park Home Sellers – Which One Are You? (Part 1 of a 3 Part Series)

In any real estate market, there are always 3 types of home sellers (especially in Overland Park):

  • The first is – I’ll sell if I can get my price

If you’re selling your home, you always have the opportunity to get your house sold. Trouble is you are the one that usually prevents your home from selling by not being the right type of home seller.

Today, for the sake of space, I am going to describe the first type of seller, “Mr. I’ll sell if I can get my price.”

This seller has been around forever and is partially responsible for keeping the market stagnant and not moving. Mr. Disney (as I’ll call him) is living in a fantasy land. He’s dreaming, wishing and thinking that reality doesn’t apply to him. He is not going to give his house away. He paid “x” for it and put “x” more dollars into it since he’s been there so to him the value is now “XXX.”

This seller doesn’t understand that he doesn’t control the market. I know lots of these sellers. I didn’t take their listings. This seller isn’t my type. Yes, I turn down more listings than I take because I’m not interested in working with Mr. Disney types. It doesn’t serve me well or the seller well. The only ones controlling the market at any time are the home buyers and it all depends what they are willing to pay.

Next Monday, I’ll describe the second type of seller – the guy that’s not in a hurry – “Mr. Hurry Up and Wait.”

In every real estate market, especially here in Overland Park, there have always been three types of sellers. Are you in or out?

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