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30 day countdown to closing

30 Day Countdown to Closing on Your House

I’m in the 30 day countdown to closing on my house. If you’re anything like me, this last 30 days will fly by and it will also seem like it will never get here. And since I’m a planner, I can’t wait to get in the house and start changing things.

If you’re in the same boat as me, you can spend your 30 day countdown to closing by making some very hard decisions about your move:

  1. What things are you moving to the new house? Everything is not acceptable!
  2. What would you like to replace or repurpose? It’s time for some changes.
  3. What can you get rid of? Lots I hope.
  4. What is not negotiable and what are your options? Meaning, if you want to keep all of your shoes, what will that look like? In my case, they are now living happily in under the bed containers. Now purses are another issue altogether. I haven’t resolved that one yet.

For example, if you go through your current space, you should know what you love and don’t love. Keep what you love and get rid of the rest. Now is the time to refresh and renew. It’s not only a good decision, it’s also good for your well being.

Here’s what I know for sure

I’m moving to 816 square feet. What? That’s insane so I have to be very clear on what is going and what isn’t. If I don’t love it, it’s going elsewhere.

Most of my furniture will go to the new house. I also know exactly where it’s going in the house. I have already sorted my stuff into piles and have boxed up many of the things I’m moving and won’t need any time before the move.

My couch and love seat were already picked up to be reupholstered. I can get rid of some of the boxes of papers I moved here and have never looked at. I have a shred pile. My jewelry is not negotiable so I found a way to keep it without taking up any extra space. You’ve got to get creative when you’re going so small.

Create a home you love

Too many people go through life not loving their surroundings. Your home should be your sanctuary, a place that rejuvenates you and where you love spending time. It should be a reflection of your style and neat and organized. You should be happy in your home and if you’re not, find out why. So often it’s the things you’re hanging on to because you don’t want to part with stuff. That’s the key – it’s stuff. Get rid of the things that bog you down and surround yourself with things that make you happy.

I’ve had people tell me they love spending time at my house. It’s so happy and organized. A new move is the perfect opportunity to leave things behind. Donate your things to someone who needs them more than you.

Try something new

Maybe you’d like to try some new colors on the wall or buy a new couch. Now is the time to try new things. If you’re not sure about something, ask a friend who is good at decorating. Most people who like decorating are more than happy to help you with your house.

My new hobby is going to be furniture painting. The new house has a workshop in the garage so I will have space to paint. I love old, vintage and funky things that have a story and are fun conversation pieces. Flexibility is the key to vintage pieces. They can go just about anywhere.

Getting started

If you lack inspiration, go to Pinterest and get some decorating ideas there. Or spend some time looking at some decorating magazines to find one piece or style that inspires you. Every room should make a statement. What’s your statement piece for each room of your house?

30 day countdown to closing

What can you do every day to make your move easier and more organized? Create a to-do list and a calendar of things you must do each day before you move.

Planning my move also keeps me busy with what 816 square feet can be. My kids have already thanked me for doing this. This is my last move – until my last move. But it will be so easy for them. There won’t be a lifetime of stuff for them to sort through. It will all be done for them. Just the way my dad did for me.

In conclusion

That’s how I’m going to spend my 30 day countdown to closing – anxious and excited of what’s to come. Moving to me is energizing. I love the feeling of getting rid of the extra weight. Plus I’ve lost a little poundage myself.

If you are having thoughts of downsizing, we should talk. Call me at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here. I can offer lots of advice. This will be my second time. This time I’m going to get it just right and spend my time staging and selling houses, painting furniture and hanging out at JOYLAND!

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