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The Art of Downsizing

I’ve taken some time off recently to really nail down the art of downsizing. I’ve done it once and I’m doing it again. I went from 3,500 square feet to about 1,100 square feet. My next act is rightsizing where I’ll be moving into a little over 800 square feet.

When I tell people I’m moving to 800 square feet, I see the deer in the headlights look in their eyes. The first thing they’re thinking is how big is 800 square feet? Believe me, it was the same thing I asked myself. But once I was in the space, I knew I wanted it. It’s the closest thing to tiny house living any of us will ever get to living in Johnson County. But my journey will help you understand why it’s important to learn the art of downsizing and to do it while you still can.

The whole idea started with a short, brief conversation I had with my son when he stopped by to pick up his daughter. I went outside to talk to him and within about 3 minutes, I was on my computer looking for a little house I could buy.

There were exactly 4 houses for sale in my price range where I wanted to be. Two of those were in a neighborhood I didn’t like, the third was an awful blue and white house that had no appeal and then there was one left. It was similar to the Goldilocks story. As a typical buyer, I looked through the photos first. It was cute! Then I looked at the details. Oh, 800 square feet? How big is that? The only way to find out was to go look at it.

Within the hour, I was at the house. Cute from the street, great curb appeal and nice looking houses on both sides. Am I being the typical buyer here? As I opened the front door, I think I said out loud, “Wow, this is small!”

As I walked through the house, I discovered just what 800 square feet was and I liked the idea of it. My biggest question was – could I do it? Could I really get my stuff into this little space? I know there is an art of downsizing and I was up for the challenge.

The art of downsizing starts here

I went home and looked around at everything I owned for a very long time. I’ve downsized once, sold all of my “stuff” in an estate sale and moved into 1,100 square feet with my favorite things. Somehow, I’ve accumulated more things in a very short time frame. Trouble is, all of what I have is not going to fit into 800 square feet.

It was Sunday before Memorial Day. On Tuesday I had my son go with me to see the house just because everyone, even a Realtor, wants to get a second opinion. He was stoked! It had everything I needed and more, would be easy to maintain and he could see me living there the rest of my life.

Just do it!

I could see it too, so that night I wrote the offer. Naturally, the listing agent put me off for a couple of days just long enough to get another offer in. But being the smart agent I am, I knew I had the house because I included an escalatory addendum, stating in so many words, that I would willingly overpay for the house. Being my own buyer’s agent, I knew if I wanted the house, it would cost me. I advised myself to suck it up and move forward. Being a Realtor doesn’t get me any special deals. If anything, it was going to cost me. At this rate, I’m just a typical buyer buying in a very hot market. I was up for it and it worked!

Closing is scheduled for the end of July. Between now and then, a lot needs to happen at my current place and at the new house. Every day I have to move this ship forward. Just like I tell my clients – create the plan and make it happen.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the art of downsizing, what you can learn from me and why you or those you love should do it while it’s still a possibility.

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