Attention Overland Park Home Buyers!

You snooze, you lose in real estate. It never ceases to amaze me that when you have a great house for sale in Overland Park that’s priced right and looks fabulous – it SELLS! That’s exactly what happened to my most recent listing at 10253 Cody that came on the market for sale last Thursday. By Thursday night I knew an offer was coming in. It all goes back to what Fortune Magazine said about the ONLY 3 Reasons a House Sells:

  1. The price
  2. The way it was or wasn’t staged
  3. The Realtor you choose

This always reminds me of the chicken and the egg scenario. Which of these 3 things is the most important? I can pick it apart and swing it any which way but at the end of the day, I would think it comes down to the Realtor you choose because if your Realtor doesn’t understand the other two, you’re in big trouble.

These particular sellers and I had a long discussion about pricing a home to sell versus pricing a home to sit on the market. I knew where I thought it needed to be priced although I let them choose and decide their final asking price. Bingo!

When it came to their staging, they already knew me and how I worked. When I explained my vision for their house, they got busy and made much of it happen without me.

They had 3 main things that needed to be addressed:

  1. They didn’t have a table in their breakfast room
  2. Their great room needed to be rearranged to open it up and to create a better flow
  3. The lower level needed to be staged as a family room space

I had a tall table in my storage inventory that would work perfectly for their breakfast room. Last week we met at my storage and loaded up the table and chairs. It was made for their space!

One of the biggest problems in staging living areas is usually the television. And they had a big one! It was not only in the wrong place in the room, it was blocking the windows. It’s not always an easy subject to address…I’d rather talk about anything other than moving the flat screen! They were glad to do whatever I thought was necessary to promote a fast sale on their house.

After receiving the offer, I was at their house for dinner and they told me they loved the arrangement of their great room even more now. They wondered why they hadn’t thought about that sooner. They were also happy their house sold so quickly. They weren’t looking forward to “being on the market” and having to jump through all the hoops with showings and keeping the house in pristine condition at all times.

It all goes back to the 3 reasons a house sells. This house was priced right, staged to sell and as their Realtor, I understood the first two reasons.

If you are thinking of selling your house in Overland Park, please call me direct or contact me here.

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