Buying a Home in Overland Park

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or not, it’s important to hire an experienced Realtor as your buyer’s agent, when buying a home in Overland Park.

But all you want to do is look at houses? Not so fast.

Before delving into searching for homes, you need to know “The 10 Easy Steps to Buying a Home in Overland Park.” And then there are “The Top 5 Things that will Screw Up Your Home Buying Experience.”

By having the proper knowledge of what it’s going to take when buying a home in Overland Park, you’ll have a better overall home buying experience and less stress. Fail to plan and plan to fail.

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How do Realtors Get Paid?

Probably the biggest misconception with home buyers is the fact that they think using a Realtor is going to cost them a lot of money. Being represented by a Realtor doesn’t cost you anything. The real estate commission is always paid by the seller. To be unrepresented or not have a buyer’s agent in the largest financial transaction of your life, makes no sense. Yet people do it every day. Most people are not well educated on buying a home. Do it wrong and it can cost you thousands of dollars.

Choosing a Realtor as Your Buyer’s Agent

There’s more to buying a house than driving around looking at houses until you find one you like. Choosing an experienced Realtor as your buyer’s agent will save you considerable time, stress, and energy. After all, once you’ve seen 30 houses and written 5 contracts that didn’t work out, buying a house in Overland Park is not so much fun anymore. You’ll start questioning yourself as well as your agent. You see, an agent’s job is more than driving you around.

The Home Buyer’s Consultation

You should expect a Home Buyer’s Consultation with any Realtor you hire before heading out to look at houses. There should be a game plan involved in your agent’s Home Buying Process. After all, a teenager can drive you from house to house. But to properly represent you in your largest financial investment, you want to be represented by someone that has years of experience in selling homes.

The Home Buying Game

In today’s market with a lack of inventory and multiple offer situations, your buyer’s agent must know how to play the game. It’s imperative to work with a buyer’s agent that has a track record of a game plan that works. What will you do when there are 7 other offers on the table? It takes strategy in order to write a winning contract that will get accepted. Does your agent know how to write a contract over asking price, that the sellers will accept? Will it be at a price where the house will appraise? Will your agent and your offer even be considered?

Eventually, you’ll find a house and get your contract accepted. You’ll do it a lot faster if your buyer’s agent knows the rules. Does your agent know the other agents, have a great reputation in the industry and is savvy about playing the game? You see, it’s much more than finding the house. It comes down to your agent constructing and negotiating the right offer that works for you as well as the sellers.

Your best friend or cousin that just got their license might not be your best choice when choosing an agent to represent you. It’s your transaction, your time, your money and the house you love. Choose your Realtor carefully to make it to happen. And if it doesn’t happen the way you were hoping, it won’t come in between you and your best friend or relative.

Do You Need to Sell Your Home Before You Buy a New One?

Things can get very confusing if you have a house to sell when you are trying to buy another one. We will help you get your game plan constructed, get your current home ready for the market and simultaneously find your next home. It’s part of what we do everyday.

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