Buying an Overland Park Home – Even in Blizzard Conditions!

When buying an Overland Park home is a priority for buyers, it doesn’t matter what the weather is outside – even if there’s a blizzard going on.

Two years ago during the blizzard of 2011, I had a house for sale at 131st Place and Antioch in Overland Park. It had snowed about a foot when I received a text message that I was going to have a showing on that house. Seriously? Today? Go for it!

My sellers were out of town so I frantically called around looking for someone who could get over to the house and at least shovel a path to the front door. No such luck. I called the agent who was going to show the house and told him my sellers were gone so nothing had been done and suggested that he take a shovel with him. He laughed and told me they would figure it out – not to worry.

The agent showed the house, called me and told me they had a difficult time getting from the car into the house but his buyers loved it and he had just sent me an offer to purchase. That was great news because the next day, I had another agent call and tell me her buyers who had seen the house the day before the storm, were ready to make an offer. Problem was – we already had an accepted contract.

The moral of the story for buyers is:

The house you looked at yesterday and wanted to think about until today, someone else looked at today and didn’t need to think about. In the real estate business, when you snooze, you lose, even when it comes to buying an Overland Park home in a blizzard.

I’ve been busy all month with buyers wanting to look at houses. It seems like the snow brings buyers out in droves. I bought my last house in February with snow on the ground. I was delighted with the beautiful landscaping I saw after the thaw. When you find the right house, you have to act on it, bad weather or not.

If you’re ready to buy your Overland Park dream home, I’m game, even in a blizzard. I’m one of those agents that “gets” it. Start here  or call me direct at (913) 515-3250.

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