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Can You Sell Your House in Three Showings and Still Get Top Dollar?

It’s a seller’s real estate market so do you think you could sell your house in three showings? Does that even matter? It does if you care about your money.

If you remember the game show, Name That Tune, it was up to the contestants to determine how many notes they would have to hear to be able to name the song. I play the same game with myself when listing a house for sale. Once I am finished staging the house, I go outside and come back in and determine how many showings it will take to get the house SOLD. I know I will get at least one offer in 10 showings. But when I look at my overall results, I consistently receive an offer by the third showing. Every time!

A faster sale always nets you more money

Why is that important? It’s my opinion that selling your home the first day on the market will inevitably net you more money. Some listing agents are showing for 3 days and presenting all offers at the end of 3 days. When you’re selling, you make all the decisions. Your agent controls the process of the transaction. And every agent does things differently. You should know your agent’s strategy before you list your house. It will make a difference in the results you get.

No matter whether we’re in a hot seller’s market, hot buyer’s market or somewhere in between, your house will sell for the most money the quicker it sells. When I know an agent is collecting offers over a 2-3 day period, I always inform my buyers of the situation and let them determine whether or not they want to even look at that house. Being a home buyer right now is very stressful.

30 showings to get an offer?

I overheard an agent in my office say it took him 30 showings to get an offer. 30 showings? There was something drastically wrong with that scenario. I actually showed the house he was talking about and my buyers weren’t impressed with it. The homeowners had made several nice updates but there were many details which hadn’t been addressed. It’s the same scenario as buying a new dress and wearing old shoes. It’s the Goldilocks effect, that something isn’t quite right. That’s where a good home stager comes into play.

Don’t believe everything you hear

The word on the street is all houses are selling with 12 multiple offers the first day on the market. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really happen. I’m not saying it never happens, but it’s not common. After all, what buyer wants to be the 12th offer? How much over asking price are you going to have to pay to get that house? But to sell your house in three showings is very do-able. It’s a win-win for buyers and sellers.

Stress free transactions

Call me old fashioned but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with listing the house in the morning and presenting any and all offers the first evening an offer is received. Of course, all decisions made will be made by you but if your home is priced right and looks fabulous, I truly think you can sell your house in three showings – and for a very hefty price. It’s just what I do.

Sell your house in three showings

If you are serious about selling and want the fastest sale and the most money, call me at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here. Let’s get your house sold with the least amount of stress in this crazy world of multiple offers. Click here for your home’s real value versus the Zestimate or call me for a FREE 20 minute walk through.

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