2022 Johnson County Real Estate Tax Appraisal

By now, you’ve probably received your 2022 Johnson County real estate tax appraisal or notice of appraised value in the mail. More than 200,000 of them have gone out. Your home’s value has done 1 of 3 things:

  • Gone up in value
  • Gone down in value or
  • Pretty much stayed the same

According to the tax appraiser’s office, 95% of homeowners in Johnson County saw their home values increase. The average increase was about 11% over last year. The other 5% of property values changed by 10% or less or experienced a reduction in value.

Johnson County will remain strong in homeownership with all the amenities it offers. And values will continue to increase due to a shortage of housing inventory. It seems as though everyone still wants to live in Johnson County.

Should you appeal your 2022 Johnson County real estate tax appraisal?

Many homeowners have already contacted me regarding their 2022 Johnson County real estate tax appraisal. Believe me, I’m not happy either as my home’s value increased $26,000 over last year. I downsized to an 800 square foot tiny house in Prairie Village 5 years ago. Now I’m in tear-down central with 6 new construction homes currently being built just on my street alone. I’ve appealed my tax appraisal every year and lost. This year I won’t appeal because I’m right at the average of an 11% increase.

It seems as though everyone has their own opinion but here is what you should know before making an appeal:

  • If your tax appraisal is significantly more than the average 11% increase, you should consider appealing – I can help.
  • Is your appraised value more than you would get if you sold your house? Then you should consider appealing.***
  • If you think your property is fairly valued but your taxes are too high, you shouldn’t appeal because you have no control over the tax rate.

Your home is appraised at “fair market value” as of January 1st of each year.  That means the amount of money that a well-informed buyer would pay and a well-informed seller would accept in an open and competitive market.

By state law, the county appraiser is required to appraise homes within 90-110% of their value.

*** Just a note that some homes are selling for thou$$$ands of dollars over the asking price.

Case study

Yesterday, I sat down with a past buyer yesterday (after doing the math and she was at an 18% increase) and went through the comparables the appraiser’s office used and compared them to her specific floor plan for sold properties in the Multiple Listing Service for 2021. We both believed she had a reason to appeal her 2022 Johnson County Tax Appraisal based on the information we found.

We felt the sales that were listed on her appraisal were not the best comps that should have been compared. One was not the same floor plan and one was from 2020 when there were plenty of comparable sales in 2021.

Other helpful documentation would be a recently signed sales contract if you purchased your home in 2021, a recent appraisal, or any photographs of structural damage with bids to make repairs.

You want to show them why you think your home merits a lower value and what you think that value should be. If you live in an older home that needs updating, your home probably wouldn’t compare to recent sales.

Complaining that you think your home’s value or taxes are too high won’t help you appeal your 2022 Johnson County real estate tax appraisal. Do your homework and provide them with evidence of why you think your home’s tax bill is too high.

Unfortunately, you cannot appeal your taxes because you live on a fixed income and the new tax rate is not affordable for you.

If your tax appeal is successful and your paid taxes are reduced, a refund will be issued once the Treasurer receives the notice from the Johnson County Appraiser’s Office.

How to appeal

The appeal process is spelled out in its entirety on the back of your notice of value. But get busy, you have until March 30, 2022, to appeal.

How can I help?

Let me know if you think your recent 2022 Johnson County real estate tax appraisal is too high. I’ll be glad to research your home’s value. You can take a picture of your Johnson County Tax Appraisal and text it to me, call me at (913) 515-3250 to discuss, or contact me here.

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