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Decor Trends

Clutter Free and Organized is the Trend for 2016

As a Realtor and Home Staging Stylist, I am never surprised by the way many people live but it’s not clutter free. While I can’t really always get my head around it, I offer my suggestions of how to get clean and organized so they can sell their house (since clutter eats equity) or so they can continue living there with less stress.

It’s a proven fact that people who are disorganized in their homes, have more stress. Makes sense to me. Plus, they always tend to be sick. I recently had a family who had to move things off the kitchen table to find a spot to put their plate. Or sometimes, they would put their plate on a pile of stuff. It’s what they did.

I don’t try to fix people, I give suggestions of what they need to do to prepare their homes for the market. Clutter free living isn’t easy for everyone. Sometimes people have to move out of their homes –  which I had happen with multiple clients last year. Once they moved out, I moved furniture and accessories in so the home looked welcoming and yet fresh, airy and move in ready.

Clean and organized homes always sell for the most money in Overland Park. Plus clean, organized and light and airy homes oftentimes sell with multiple offers which means even more money. You did want more money didn’t you?

My top 3 tips to get started to a clean and organized look for your home:

  1. Walk through your house, room by room and decide what needs to go. What do you no longer love? What is broken, out of style or just plain ugly?
  2. Make a trip to Goodwill and drop that stuff off. I tried going twice last weekend and there were at least 15 cars in line ahead of me. Are these people moving or just getting rid of all their crap? Maybe I need to team up with Goodwill. I teamed up with St. Joseph last year, Goodwill might be this year.
  3. Shop in your own house – this is the first trick I learned in my Home Staging Course that I took back in 2006. If you need a side table, do you have one somewhere else in your house that could be moved? Or, do you have something that could create a side table like a stack of old suitcases?

When staging a home for sale, I find that most people have enough stuff, it’s just not in the right space. By getting rid of the old stuff that serves no purpose first, you’ll be able to see what you really have and how you can create a clean and organized space that you’ll love coming home to once again.

Amazing Rearranging is one of my services I offer to people who aren’t moving but who want a fresh, new, clutter free look. It all starts with a one hour “Now to WOW! Consultation. Call me at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here.

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