Creating a New Style for Your Home in Overland Park?

curtainsAre you dying to have a new look for your home and want to know what’s trending in home styling in Overland Park? Some of my sellers who are moving next week told me during their garage sale that some of that stuff they’d had for 40 years. I told her that was like wearing the same pair of pants for that long or having the same haircut. “Styles change” but so do home styles but most people don’t change their home styling ever!

When I downsized a few years ago, I knew I had to have a HUGE inspiration to carry me from a big 5 bedroom house to a very small 2 bedroom. Getting rid of everything wasn’t easy but it was a new start and I was looking forward to it.

Going from plantation shutters, wood blinds and high ceilings to mini blinds, I wanted to pack a punch with my window treatments. While at Crate & Barrel searching for ideas, I came across some drapery panels that were wild and crazy. Colors I absolutely loved. And then I looked at the price and decided those were not for me. I wanted three panels and each was priced at $150. That’s not three sets – I mean three individual curtains. Disappointed, I went home and called my daughter to tell her I had found some dream curtains I loved but I was not willing to pay that price. She’s always my “go to” girl and has ideas when I don’t. She suggested I look on-line and voila! I found them. Could it be the same exact thing? I called the company to ask if I ordered a sample of one of their fabrics, how long would it take to receive it? “We’ll send it out today.” Wow. I was excited.

Within a couple of days, I received my sample. I dashed off to Crate and Barrel to compare the small swatch to what they had in the store. It was the exact same thing. Good news was it was half the price. I went home, measured all of my windows and ordered a “roll” of drapery fabric. I was going to make drapes for my place. After all, how hard could it be? You measure the length, add a hem at the top and add some pooling at the floor. While I don’t know how to sew, I knew I could do this.

My fabric arrived and I could hardly lug the box upstairs. I was so excited to make my curtains for my living room. I had finally found my inspiration to start my living room project. I made only three – one for each set of windows in my living room. It was a breeze to do however, a couple of days later, I was in my kitchen at the sink looking across the room admiring my curtains and it “seemed” to me that maybe there was a right side up to this crazy pattern. The more I looked at the curtain, I realized it was upside down! For God’s sake, I had to get that down before my company arrived that night. And then I had to rip the hem out of the bottom and put it in the top. It was too funny!

I have never been sorry that I made the investment in those curtains. They brighten up my day and set the stage for what else I did in my living room. They were and still are my inspiration.

What is my suggestion when people ask me where do they start when they want to change up a room? Find one thing you love. Start somewhere. It was those curtains for me. Maybe it’s a rug, a picture, it could even be a pillow or a chair. You’ve got to start with one piece and build from there. I went from my drapes to colors for my re-upholstery projects. I found some great fabric in the same color tones and started building my place around my curtains. Then I found some cute new pillows for my and chaise lounge. And before I knew it, I had a whole new place that developed from those curtains – that I think I will love forever. And in the end, that’s all that matters anyway when creating a new style for your home in Overland Park – love it and it will love you back.

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