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Curb Appeal Secrets for Staging Your Home

Your home’s first impression will either make or break your sale – here are some curb appeal secrets you can use as part of your home staging process.

Everyone talks about curb appeal. Your curb appeal actually begins online with your photos. Buyers will jump in the car and do a quick drive by of your house to see if they really want to see it inside. You will be judged from the street…continuing up the driveway, along the sidewalk to the front porch to the front door.

When you have a showing, while the buyer’s agent is busy getting the key for the door from the lockbox, the buyers are busy looking at everything in plain view. And a good buyer’s agent is pointing everything out to them that the buyers may not be seeing. The 10 second rule starts here.

A buyer’s agent is looking out for the interests of the buyer. I want to make sure as a buyer’s agent, that I see everything that might be an issue at time of inspections. There is nothing worse than a buyer making an offer on a house, getting it accepted only to discover at inspections that there are numerous things that I should have seen before that point. After 29 years of selling real estate, I look for everything. To me, one slip up will lead to another. I’m like a detective looking for clues and evidence. I don’t want my buyers looking at me with that puzzled look on their faces – like why didn’t you mention these things? There can be enough surprises at home inspection time.

What do buyers really want to know?

One of the first things buyers want to know is whether or not the house has been well maintained. They certainly want to think the current owners have taken exquisite care of their castle. After all, don’t all homeowners maintain their property? No buyers want to buy someone else’s headaches. While my buyers are busy looking at the house, I’m looking at the details – the little things that show me whether or not a house has been well maintained. And that starts at the front door.

Curb appeal secrets

As a home stager, I understand that any house can be made to look better. It’s what I do. My home staging process starts at the front door. I apply the curb appeal secrets that I learned in training from the lady that created the home staging concept. Yes there is a method to my madness and for very good reason.

As a buyer’s agent, here’s what I want to see when it comes to curb appeal:

  • Cleanliness in the nooks and crannies – cobwebs around the door and windows, a clean threshold
  • Clean windows with good screens
  • No visible wood rot
  • Freshly painted front door
  • Attractive front door hardware including the doorknob, knocker and threshold
  • Pretty welcome mat

If I don’t see these things at the front door, my heart sinks a bit because I’m pretty sure I’m not going to see anything better inside either. I’m already forming an opinion about your house.

When you are selling your home in Overland Park, remember to put on your party dress. Even in a hot market like we’re currently in, the better your house looks, the more money you will make. You do want more money don’t you?

It’s your Red Carpet Event. Spruce it up a bit. Walk across the street and come up to your front door. Are you impressed with what you see? Are you excited about getting inside? Are you starting to get emotional? Are you feeling like this might be the house you would pay top dollar or more for?

As a Realtor and home stager, I know it’s your money and your days on the market. Make your front door shine – it’s the first impression rose that you’ll get or won’t get. Just like on The Bachelorette, you’re not the only house out there. Your buyers are looking for love. Your job is to make them want your house and be willing to fight over it.

Whether you’re selling or not, how’s your curb appeal? Tonight when you get home, go in through the front door versus the garage. What do you see? You’ll probably be surprised.

When you are ready to sell your house, I will create your best curb appeal so you get multiple offers and more money. Call me at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here.

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