Dark Wood Floors – Trending in Overland Park Homes for Sale

dark hardwood floorsBuyers love wood floors and trending now in homes for sale in Overland Park is dark wood floors. The days of golden oak are gone. But dark wood floors in a little house without any natural lighting can sometimes be too dark and close the space in. I showed a house a couple of weeks ago in Overland Park and there will very little natural light. The house faced south and we saw the house in the morning. When we went into the house, it seemed very dark, too dark. No overhead lighting in the living room. Plus the house wasn’t properly staged. The living room in particular was off balance and hit me in the face when I first walked in. Between the darkness and imbalanced living room, we couldn’t get emotional about the house so we moved on.

People make decisions about their homes every day without considering the consequences. Re-doing a house is like fashion – just because skinny jeans are in, it’s doesn’t mean you should wear them. The same holds true for a decorating trend, it may not work in your house. If you want dark floors, you may need to lighten the walls with the right shade and texture of paint. Maybe you could add more lighting and for goodness sake, get the right arrangement of your furniture. Having to walk around pieces in a smaller house doesn’t add to the spaciousness of any home. All you have to sell is your space. Make the best use of it and show it off.

What’s my suggestion if you’re not sure what to do? Consult with an expert who is not selling you anything. Don’t hire a decorator who is going to be selling you products. I help people avoid making mistakes when it comes to updating their homes. If you are thinking about making some changes to your house and want an unbiased opinion, call me direct at (913) 515-3250 for a “One Hour Home Interior Design Consultation.” It will answer all of your “should I” questions and open your mind to some things you hadn’t thought about previously. It’s good peace of mind before making some major decisions that could be hard or costly to correct.

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