Dear Home Seller – I Want to Buy My First House in Overland Park!

first time buyerBuying a first house in the Overland Park area can be very challenging and makes a buyer wonder why home sellers don’t try harder? I look at 10-15 first time buyer houses every week and very few are worth showing to a home buyer client. Ashley and I have been on the search for her first home for several months now but she’s now ready to make the move, her lease will be up soon and she desperately wants to find the home of her dreams. But we’re having a hard time finding her the right first house in Overland Park…or anywhere else for that matter.

Is she too picky? I don’t think so. If I don’t see myself buying a house, I can’t blame Ashley for not wanting to buy the house either. Her parents were in town last weekend so we set up some houses to go see while they were here. When we arrived at the last house, she was excited. It had everything she wanted and her parents approved. I called the listing agent to see if it was still available and she told me she had accepted an offer on the house the day before so it was already under contract. Why didn’t she call me before I showed the house?

I told Ashley’s parents that I would be looking out for her best interest whether they were in town or not. Her dad said they not only appreciated that but they believed it. He told me that I was like a “fly” – buzzing around quickly and he enjoyed watching me go into a house because of how I worked. I always go through the house as fast as possible so I can find a reason not to buy the house or find the reason to buy the house. I know exactly what Ashley is looking for so if the house doesn’t stack up, we can be on our way. We don’t need to look through every house if she doesn’t like the kitchen or the bathroom. Plus she needs a nice space to do the laundry. I already know that. And I also know she’s not going to buy a house with visible structural issues – even if they’ve been resolved or corrected.

But after looking at 7 houses, probably 6 of them could have looked better. They could have been cleaner, staged to sell and in my opinion, those little pesky repairs should be made before a house comes on the market. Visible repairs tell the Overland Park first time home buyer that maybe there are more things wrong with the house. Remember, this is a first house and these buyers are usually afraid they are going to make a mistake. Why don’t sellers care? I don’t know but it makes me wonder if that Is that why a third of the market never sells? I WISH I could go to those sellers and help them but I can’t. When a house is listed for sale in Overland Park, another agent is not allowed to make contact with that seller. But if I could, what a difference I could make in so many people’s lives…making home sellers happy and making first time home buyers more confident and buy more quickly.

If you are in the market to buy your first home, I promise to look out for your best interest, too. You can call me direct at (913) 515-3250 or get started here.

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