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Decor Trends

Décor Trends:  Creating an Inspiring Home Office

When working from a home office in Overland Park, the first rule of thumb is to design an inspiring space that is not only fun but that will help you be more productive. Making your space more useful and your mind more creative is the goal.

Here are 4 easy home office ideas

  • Adding a vibrant paint color to your walls and colorful accessories will bring a layer of personality to your home office. Treat the space like a room in your home and you will like spending time there much more. My office is painted “green” (for money) and is full of wall decor such as a huge round mirror, a handsome photo of my dad on his wedding day and a fabulous photo of my mom when she was a pin-up girl.
  • Find attractive storage pieces for your collection of business books and your work supplies if you don’t have built in cabinets. By having things well organized and contained, it will keep you more focused on the task at hand – your work!
  • Using furniture that isn’t designed for an office will make you feel happier. I work in a small space and therefore I’m using an antique dressing table as my desk, a vintage 2 tiered table for my computer and a vintage French dining chair at my desk. I love being in my office with furniture and accessories that I adore.
  • Comfy seating will take the edge off when you want a break. Add some comfortable chairs, a loveseat or a couch and books or magazines to browse through when taking that much needed mid morning or afternoon break. I have a 1940’s vintage loveseat with bright colorful back pillows I use as my “go to” spot when I take a break from my work.

By making your home office come alive as another room in your home, you will find you’re much more inspired to not only work but to be more productive and creative. Working from the right home office is a dream made in heaven. Whatever you do, DO NOT fill your home office with dowdy furniture that is outdated or uninspiring or that should go to the curb. That will drain your productivity 1000%.

If you’d like help creating a home office space that inspires you, too, call me direct at (913) 515-3250 or you can contact me here.

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