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Décor Trends – Many Shades of Johnson County Gray

Many of the new model homes in Overland Park are incorporating different shades of Johnson County Gray into their interior paint colors. Gray has been around for awhile now but some people have a hard time warming up to it. I think there are so many shades and many of them seem too industrial – not warm like the typical Johnson County beiges.

It’s suggested that if you want to use gray on your interior walls, that you choose a flat paint versus a semi-gloss. A flat gray paint will tend to hide fingerprints. If you are painting your walls gray, you may need to repaint your trim as well. A creamy white color versus a stark white goes best with gray walls.

When you are using gray on your walls, you’ll want to create interesting lighting options with floor lamps, table lamps and sconces. Gray is a shadowing color and overhead lighting creates more shadows so be sure to use plenty of lighting options around the room.

Johnson County Gray is a strong new “neutral” that is coming into popularity in new construction. Its counterparts have been around for awhile – like colors in granite or other hard surface countertops, stainless appliances in the kitchen and brushed nickel fixtures in bathrooms. If you are a gray fan, take a trip to the paint store and check out the deep, rich colors of Johnson County Gray and you may fall in love with a once very industrial color.

Before jumping off into a gray theme for your home, make sure your furnishings will go along with it. Painting a room can be a quick fix to change your home but if your furniture and accessories don’t go with gray – that’s a whole new issue.

I’m curious…which would you choose for your walls – Johnson County gray, beige or greige – a popular combination of both?  Scroll to the bottom and let me know your preference.

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