Fun Friday – Bill Dean Miami Mansion

How about the 48 year old bachelor who bought an $8 million house in Miami Beach and then spent another $32 million dollars renovating and transforming it into something that would work better for him and his guests?

Bill Dean is the engineering executive from Washington D.C. who fell in love with Miami after renting a penthouse hotel room in South Beach in the winter of 2008. This is his third home, with the other one on Chesapeake Bay in Virginia.

One of his priorities when choosing a home was to find a place with sufficient dock space for his and his friends’ yachts. He found a home that was a Mediterranean Revival built in 1937 and used as the summer home of Sebastian Spering Kresge, of the famous Kresge’s, which later became Kmart.

Dean bought the 11,745 square foot home in 2009 and started a two year project to not only renovate it but also expand it. The hardest task indoors was to raise the roof 20 inches in order to open up the upstairs balcony for a better view of the water.

Outside he wanted to create more outdoor living space. The pool was designed to be used for entertaining rather than swimming so the “deep end” was four feet, perfect for water volleyball. The pool house has plenty of banquettes for lounging, a state of the art sound system and plaster walls to absorb the music. His estate now includes a 7 bedroom main house, 4 guest suites, a tennis court, a spa and the pool house – with 18,100 total square feet.

There’s a black tie celebration planned to honor Mr. Dean’s birthday and the unveiling of his new “Terra Veritatis Historic Estate” with 500 of his closest Miami friends. I’d love to be on his guest list, how about you?

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