Kansas City Neptune Fountain

Happy Greater Kansas City Fountain Day

Today marks the day that the Kansas City fountains come to life in Kansas City. Did you know there are 48 publicly operated fountains in the Kansas City metro area? But more than that, there are over 200 beautiful fountains throughout the entire city.

The dynamic Kansas City fountains date back to the late 1800’s when their use was more utilitarian, such as watering the horses. Now, the fountains have become something every tourist wants to be photographed in front of. Every time I go to The Plaza, someone asks me to take their photo in front of one while capturing its true beauty.

Our lovely fountains require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. For that very reason, The City of Fountains Foundation was established in the early 1970’s to preserve, build and restore one fountain each year. It breaks my heart when someone vandalizes one of them.

My favorite was always The Meyer Circle Seahorse Fountain. My dad lived on Armour Boulevard in midtown when I was a little girl and he drove Ward Parkway every day between his house and mine. I loved the horses, the water and the curve of Ward Parkway around the fountain.

It seems like The J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain on the Country Club Plaza is one of the most recognizable of our local fountains. It was built in Paris in 1910. Furthermore, Kansas City supposedly has more fountains than Rome.

It seems like everyone has a fountain they love. Which is your favorite?

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