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7 Big Home Inspection Deal Breakers

Finding the right house is one thing, but finding a house with 7 home inspection deal breakers is another. Last week, my buyers found a house, in the right neighborhood, at a price and closing date acceptable to them. It seemed as though the home buying process was finally in their favor.

Home inspections is the next step after the contract is accepted. We met last Wednesday to do the inspections only to find 7 home inspection deal breakers that we didn’t see coming.

The seller’s disclosure

Looking back, the seller’s disclosure was less than fully filled out. I see that all the time. Typically, the sellers had questions, wanted to ask their agent and things got overlooked. Did the sellers of this particular house really not know the condition of the house, were they being vague or did they choose not to answer? It makes me wonder.

The purpose of the seller’s disclosure is to state what the sellers know about the house and what they’ve done to it since they’ve lived there. It states:

“The undersigned SELLER represents to the best of their knowledge, the information set forth in the foregoing Disclosure Statement is accurate and complete.”

As a Realtor, I know sometimes sellers don’t know or don’t remember how old the furnace is. I would think they would have a file from when they bought the house but maybe they don’t.

This crazy seller’s market

In a crazy seller’s market, there is sometimes so little time to inspect everything when other buyers and their agents are frantically running through the house. Years ago, agents would respect another agent’s showing of a home.  That gave buyers time to thoroughly look at a house before deciding to make an offer.

In today’s market, there might be 10 other people in the house all at the same time. As a buyer, you’re trying to figure out how much you like the house, if you even want to make an offer and how much you might be willing to pay.

As an agent and for my buyers’ sake, I’m always hoping the home inspections will not reveal anything that you might not get negotiated. But when the inspector finds 7 home inspection deal breakers, you may just need to walk away and look for another house to buy.

7 home inspection deal breakers when buying a home

  1. Furnace (at the end of its life) and had not been recently serviced
  2. Air conditioner (at the end of its life) and needed to be serviced
  3. High radon levels (mitigation required)
  4. Evidence of termites found (termite treatment required)
  5. 8 windows, behind the curtains and blinds, needed to be replaced
  6. The dishwasher leaked water from the bottom during the home inspection (at the end of its life)
  7. Mold was found on the basement walls in the furnace room – behind a board (mold mitigation required)

Bottom line

Granted, any home you buy is going to have things wrong with it. Selling and buying a home is all in the negotiation. But when you have 7 home inspection deal breakers on the same house, sometimes you just have to walk away. We chose to cancel the contract and move on! You can bet we’re going to take more time and look more closely at the next house before making another offer!

The lesson learned here is even though inventory is scarce, buyers will walk away from a home that has not been properly maintained. Houses go under contract and flip after the home inspections on a fairly regular basis. That’s why I recommend a pre-inspection for all of my sellers. It’s peace of mind for everybody involved.

If you’re considering buying a house in the near future, now is the time to learn more about the process. Join us for our next FREE Buyer Workshop in Overland Park on Tuesday, May 23rd. We’ll walk you through all phases of the process so you’ll be a well educated home buyer. Sign up here or call me at (913) 515-3250 for more information.

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