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Home Selling Feedback – What it Really Means

When your house is for sale, the agents showing it should leave you home selling feedback about what their buyers thought. I like the feedback “we’re writing an offer” the best.

So how can you take the home selling feedback and learn from it? “Everyone says they love my house so why hasn’t anyone made an offer,” is what I hear from home sellers who call me after not getting their home sold the first time. My sellers last year in Parkville said that very thing. They said their home selling feedback was their house showed beautifully. After I saw their house, I agreed that it was a beautiful house but it didn’t show well. Did I hurt their feelings? No, I got their house sold after being on the market for 435 days when two other agents failed them!

There are 3 types of home selling feedback

  • If your home is not being shown, you won’t have any feedback. That means the agents and buyers think your price is too high compared to other houses they are seeing. They may choose to wait until you’re more realistic with your price.

Recommendation – a price reduction is necessary to get you in the position to get showings.

  • If your house is being shown, but you are not getting any offers, it means the buyers are finding nicer, better homes for the same price or less.

Recommendation – a moderate price adjustment may be needed or figure out what your competition has that your home doesn’t. You can either step it up to compete with other houses much like yours or offer a better price.

  • If your house is in the running (in the buyers top 2 or 3 favorites) but the buyers buy something else, it means you are close. Unfortunately, being the bridesmaid in real estate doesn’t mean a thing. There is only one winner in the real estate game.

Recommendation – try to find out why the buyers chose the other house over yours. What was it specifically? Agents can be vague. Your agent must ask better questions to get better answers. Remember when I say the agent you choose will determine the results you’ll get?

Perhaps you need to do something specifically or a minor price adjustment may be necessary to move you into the #1 position so you’ll be the “bride” versus the “bridesmaid.”

When you need to listen

A buyer’s agent’s feedback doesn’t always reflect the real reason they didn’t buy your house. Remember, they may see 10-12 houses in one day and if their buyers weren’t interested in your house, they will soon forget the details and won’t provide you with very good feedback.

Much of your home selling feedback won’t matter. But the agent who says the buyers didn’t like the different paint colors in every room or the carpet looked like it needed to be replaced – that’s what you need to hear. If one said it, I guarantee they are all thinking it. They just may not mention it.

Bottom line

Selling a house is simple, but it’s not easy. Waiting to get an offer can be very stressful. My sellers step up to the plate and give buyers all the reasons to buy their house. A long list of repairs that need to be done will not get you the offer.

If you know someone who is confused about whether it’s their price or whether it’s the way their house looks, please share this post with them. Days on the market can cost you big money in real estate. The only way to get top dollar is being above average on day one.

Being on the market for 3 months is no time to decide you need a new look. Do the work now versus hearing the negative feedback later. You’ll be glad you did.

If you have questions about what you need to do to sell your house so your feedback is “we’re writing an offer” like my home sellers in Leawood South, please call me at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here.

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