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Overland Park Home Staging

Home Staging and More Money

Home Staging and more money go hand in hand but the concept is so misunderstood. And it’s what I do best. One thing for sure, the way your house is staged or not staged is the second reason your house will sell or not sell. But more than that, home staging will definitely determine how much money you get for your house.

Selling your home requires a proven plan

You can sell your house by design, default or not at all. Anyone can list a house for sale. What’s their plan to sell your house? Is it the 3P Plan to put the coming soon sign in the yard, put it in MLS and pray? Do they have a reputation in the Realtor community of having awesome houses that buyers are willing to fight over? Buying a home is emotional – not only for you but also your buyers. You’re attached and the buyers are scared. They fear what they don’t know. They will either get emotional about your home or they won’t. That’s where home staging comes into play.

Home staging and more money in this market?

I met a young lady last week at a luncheon. She told me that she was moving to an apartment because the house she was renting had sold. She asked the Realtor if the house needed to be staged and her reply was, “Not in this market.”

What that agent doesn’t understand is that the purpose of home staging is to drive the price up. It’s to get the buyers so emotional that they will practically pay anything to get that house. The right home staging creates that emotional “model home” look and feel that every buyer wants and will pay extra money to get. It’s setting the stage to sell your home faster, with multiple offers and for thousands over asking price.

Granted many houses in certain price ranges are selling quickly. There is such a shortage of inventory and too many buyers. The average days on the market in Johnson County is still over 50 so not all houses are selling like hotcakes. Plus the list price to sale price average is 97.9%. Not all houses are selling at a premium price like you may have heard.

Is home staging absolutely necessary? If you care about your money it is. But then there are a lot of sellers who don’t seem to care about their own money if the average days on the market is over 50.

Home sellers who hire me know that I am going to create their very best red carpet look that will appeal to the largest number of buyers. The way you live in your home and the way you sell your house are two different ways. My before and after photos speak for themselves.

Many sellers focus on what it’s going to cost them to sell the house. My focus is on your opportunity to make money. My sellers, Rick and Karen made an extra $12,000 when they sold their house. They had a multitude of offers to choose from. That’s exactly where home staging and more money work together. It’s selling your home by design.

If you want to sell your house by design because you care about your time and your money, call me at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here. Let’s see if what I do for other sellers will work for you too!

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