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home staging and selling for more money

Home Staging and Selling for More Money

There was an article in The Wall Street Journal about home staging and selling for more money. This is another one of those articles where they don’t understand what home staging really is and how the process really affects home buyers. Plus at the end of the day, it all depends on what the final home staging looks like.

In the article, they took the same room and showcased it with ugly purple walls and mismatched furniture. Then changed it up with neutral walls and placed matching furniture in the room. Then they showed the two online virtual tours to 820 home buyers and asked them if they would pay more money for the house in the second photo – the one without the purple walls. Michael Seiler, professor of real estate and finance at the College of William and Mary, researched how home buyers responded. The findings resulted in the fact that most people were more attracted to the neutral colors. Then they were asked what they would be willing to pay. This was like an experiment using mice instead of real people.

First of all, in my opinion, the placement of the furniture in the after photo was wrong. That’s one of the lessons I learned when I studied home staging from the lady who created the concept back in 1973. The placement of the furniture and accessories is the final step of the home staging process. This is what so many so-called home stagers don’t understand either. Any home stager can probably make a house look better but in the beauty pageant war of selling real estate – better doesn’t cut it.

Home staging and selling for more money

While everyone is screaming – INVENTORY IS LOW – WE NEED MORE HOUSES, I don’t necessarily agree. If the current inventory on the market showed better, made buyers get emotional and fall in love with homes for sale in Overland Park, we would not have any houses for sale. We don’t need more inventory, we need more knock-your-socks-off houses that buyers actually want to buy. Home staging and selling for more money come together every time when the house is properly staged.

The way some of the houses for sale in Overland Park look is unacceptable and is the real reason I wanted to become a home stager in the first place. After 30 years of selling real estate and living in a home with a mother who was an interior designer, I know most of the houses on the market could look better. I agree, it’s hard having your house for sale in Overland Park but competition is the name of the game. You’ve absolutely got to look better than average when it comes to selling your home. You must understand the way buyers buy, what they expect and how to give it to them. When you do, they will buy your house faster and will pay more money for it every time. That’s home staging and selling for more money exemplified.

Bottom line

The online photos of a house are imperative and will more than likely determine whether or not buyers will even take the time to look inside a house. But it’s not until the buyers open the front door of a house that creates the emotional bond the buyer needs to make a decision about the house. Only then will they decide how much money they will spend. A good home stager can create the right look for a house for sale using the seller’s own things or bringing in a few missing components. But it’s the first glance – much like a new relationship. Buyers get that gut feeling immediately upon entering a house that’s for sale in Overland Park. They know within 10 seconds whether it’s a consideration or not.

In my opinion, the experiment they did to see if home staging and selling for more money wasn’t conducted properly. It’s all in the experience and thrill of being that eager, excited home buyer who is waiting to find the perfect place to call home. And when they find the right house, who knows what they might pay for it? Sorry researchers, that’s something that’s unpredictable.

To find out the value of your house in the current market, click here. If you want to drive your price way up over asking price, please call me direct at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here. That’s what I do best!

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