Home Staging in Overland Park focuses on the top 3 most important steps in selling your home for thousands over asking price. But it’s also a very misunderstood concept!

What Exactly is Home Staging?

Wikipedia states:

“Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appeal to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money.”

My definition is:

“First of all, the way you live in your home and the way you sell your house are two very different ways.

Therefore, home staging is the art of creating that emotional, million dollar model home look that every buyer wants and few sellers have. It’s staging, styling and detailing your home to create the right arrangement and flow of your furniture and accessories. When buyers see themselves living in your home, they will buy it faster and pay you thousands over asking price every time!

The art of using your things and creating the million dollar look can be challenging. The key is creativity and having an eye to see things in a different light. Home staging comes naturally to me! I can take any home and give it a different look with a little straightening up and rearranging.

About Home Staging

Home Staging in Overland Park is both an art and a science. The concept of Home Staging was created in 1973 by Barb Schwarz when she realized homes for sale didn’t show well. I would get that same feeling…and ask myself…”why do they have the couch there???”

In 2006, I flew to Chicago and was personally trained by Barb and learned not only the art of Home Staging but also her secrets. It was all about working with what people already had in their homes and freshening up their look and appeal. As a result, I follow her original concepts and use her Home Staging techniques for every house I list for sale. 

In addition, there are 7 little secret Home Staging Hacks that I developed over the years, that sellers don’t know anything about, Realtors pick my brain about and other home stagers only wish they knew. 

Overland Park Home Staging is the science of:

  • understanding the real estate market
  • comparing the competition
  • knowing what today’s buyers want and
  • creating your home’s best look so it appeals to the largest number of buyers


Myths about Home Staging in General

Home Staging is NOT:

• furnishing vacant homes – although vacant homes can be prepared for selling and staged

• clearing all your countertops – but that’s better than leaving everything out

• putting all of your things away – but you do need to de-clutter

• one size fits all – but there are certain things that need to be done to every house

Home Staging is:

  • creating a Red Carpet, model home look that will appeal to the most buyers
  • bringing a hip, freshness into your home that will set it apart from the competition
  • providing a flow and balance of your furniture and accessories that welcome buyers and allows them to be swept off their feet
  • giving your home the right attitude, emotion and style that speaks to today’s home buyers

My Home Staging Process

My signature “Now to WOW!” Home Selling Magic is a 3 step process:

  1. Do you need to know what to do to update your home in order to compete in the marketplace? Not all Realtors are experienced at advising you on home staging or decor trends. I’m up-to-date on trends, colors, etc. and want to help you save money with your projects. I also have discounts with local vendors so you can save money by using them.
  2. You can easily pre-pack for your upcoming move by de-cluttering and de-personalizing. You’ve got to look like you’re ready for the offers to come rolling in!
  3. Detailing and styling your home is where I shine. My 7 little known Home Staging Hacks work to draw buyers in and cause them to fall in love, buy your house faster and willingly pay you thousands over asking price!

The tricky part for you is in knowing what to pack up and what to leave out. That’s where my expertise really comes into play. It takes a certain eye and talent as a stylist. You can pack things up and move them out. But creating your best, emotional home selling look using your own things is where I excel.


Any house, in any price range or neighborhood goes through my “Now to WOW!” transformation so even you will be amazed! Your home’s final look will make it stand out from your competition and cause your buyers to fall in love.

Furthermore, since I am a licensed Realtor, I know what sells, what’s hot, what your competition looks like and how you stack up. When your house looks better than your competition, you, my friend, have won the home selling game!


My Home Staging Plans

There are 2 different home staging plans available for my home selling clients:

• Occupied homes – my “Now to WOW!” Home Staging is available for all of my client occupied homes. I will totally re-style and stage your home using your things and filling in with my accessories as necessary.

• Vacant homes – my inventory of furniture and accessories is available for staging vacant homes. Be sure to contact me before listing your home for sale with another Realtor. I will save you valuable time and money by providing you with my complete inventory of furniture and accessories. You can also receive hands-on home staging and styling at a minimal investment to you.

About Another Staged Home

Another-Staged-Home-300x177Another Staged Home was founded in 2006 by Melinda Bartling, a licensed Realtor since 1987 and is based in Overland Park, KS. Melinda saw the real need for helping home sellers create a DROP DEAD, GORGEOUS “model home” look so their home would sell faster and for more money.

“Too many sellers are giving away their hard earned equity by their houses being on the market too long.”

Another Staged Home functions as the exclusive Now to WOW! Home Staging Magic Services for my SOLD FAST Sale Home Selling System – Prepare. List. SELL! Every house that comes on the market needs to go through the home staging process. It’s the same as a celebrity being styled for the Red Carpet. You have one chance to make a first impression when selling your home.

My “Now to WOW! Home Staging Magic creates the emotional feeling that buyers get when looking for the right home. Just like the celebrities, I know how to create and make a Red Carpet Statement that will cause your house to sell faster and for thousands over asking price. You do want more money don’t you?

Why Stage Your Home?

Staging and styling your home is imperative when selling in today’s Overland Park real estate market. You are competing in a beauty contest and you must play to win! If you don’t stage and style your home and it will potentially cost you thousands of dollars.

Another Staged Home helps you understand the concept of precise home staging principles that work time and time again to sell my average home within 3 days of coming on the market, with multiple offers and for thousands over asking price.

Statistics show that staged homes sell on the average – 50% faster and for 7% more money than homes that aren’t staged.

Selling a home isn’t always fun but when you sell for thousands over asking price – it’s lots of fun! Check out my home staging packages here, or call me at (913) 515-3250 to see how I can help you get your home sold faster and for thousands over asking price!