Home Staging in Overland Park: St. Joseph and St. Melinda Teaming Up?

When I asked my recent client, Melanie Dillon, if she buried the St. Joseph statue in her yard, she said she didn’t have to because she had St. Melinda. That gave me a big boost. Then last week, while at a recent home that had sold, I found an empty St. Joseph statue box in plain sight. Yes, it was empty. The house sold to the second person who looked at it and now I was questioning my ability to sell houses quickly. After all, I have 27 years in the real estate industry, I’ve been staging homes professionally since 2006 and I think I really “get” the concept of home staging and how it teams up with selling your Overland Park home.

But when I saw that box, I wondered. Is it me or is it St. Joseph? I put it out on Facebook and my seller told me that it wasn’t that they didn’t trust me, they just wanted reassurance…she called it a “team effort.”

Now that I know I may be working as part of a team, I need to know what my other team member is doing and how we can support each other when selling homes in Overland Park. It’s only fair.

After a little research here’s what I discovered:

The history of the St. Joseph saga began as early as the 1500’s when the nuns needed to expand their land. They would pray to St. Joseph and bury medals of him in the ground. After a short time, their prayers had been answered and they received more land. Over time, that tradition was changed from burying medals to burying statues.

Who was St. Joseph? He was the husband to Virgin Mary and the father of Jesus of Nazareth. He taught Jesus the craftsman’s trade and made sure he always had a good home to live in. He was the Saint for all workers and they would turn to him when they needed to buy or sell their homes. He was known as the Home Selling Saint.

I always have faith that my Overland Park homes for sale will sell quickly and for the most money possible. Having faith is the first hurdle I have to help my sellers overcome. They aren’t always on board with St. Melinda. Now, if I feel they don’t have the faith they need, I may get out my trusted associate, St. Joseph.

If you are interested in selling your Overland Park home faster and for more money, call me direct at (913) 515-3250 for a private consultation with me and my trusty side-kick, St. Joseph. We’ll show you how we work twice as hard to make things happen FAST!

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