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Overland Park Home Staging

Home Staging Perfection

Nothing pleases me more than showing property that absolutely exudes home staging perfection. I can see it in the photos. It’s the kind of home I want to sell and the kind of home my buyers want to buy.

When I work with sellers and explain to them how to organize their pantry, I often mention that if they have time, they should also alphabetize their spices. Then I laugh and hope they laugh with me. That’s a joke but over the years, I did have one seller who did organize her pantry. She told me that afterwards she kept going back into the kitchen and opening the cabinet door to see those spices. She was so proud of herself.

I know, that’s a bit extreme but I do know the neater your home is, the more buyers want it. You see, most buyers don’t live that way but they want to. There are so many people who want to be organized but have no clue how to do it. They have too much stuff with no place for anything.

For example…when going to my best friend’s house, to help her with a project, I’ve many times asked her if she had something like a hammer, scissors, pencil, nail. Whatever it is, she always says she knows she has it but has no idea where it might be. She points me in the direction of where I might find it but she makes no promises.

How can anyone live like that? I was raised by a very organized mother. Everything had its place. If you took something to use, you put it back. Obviously my friend wasn’t raised that way. She loves the way I know where everything I own is but she doesn’t know how to do that.

There are certain areas of the house where it’s more important to be very organized and neat. The kitchen is the big one. No buyer wants to see an unkempt or dirty kitchen when looking for a house to buy.

The second most important area is the bathrooms – with the master being at the top of the list. No buyer wants to peak in a shower and say “eeeeewwwwww.” Yet I hear it all the time. I’ll ask what’s wrong and my buyer is making a face.

If buyers are making a face about your home, they aren’t going to buy it for any amount of money. And nothing turns me off quicker than a house that’s been poorly staged with the advice of “clear all your countertops and flat surfaces.” That is not home staging.

Home staging is an art and you either have an eye for it or you don’t. Home staging perfection will make you lots of extra money when selling your home. But bad home staging could even prevent your home from selling.

Home staging perfection – what it is

The houses that have home staging perfection are well balanced and have a natural, clean and organized flow about them. They are well staged without looking like it. Buyers perceive that the sellers live like that because it’s easy to do so in that house. Buyers are naturally drawn to a house like that because it’s what they want for themselves.

That’s a house that will get way over asking price because it was designed to do so. More money doesn’t come naturally. It all starts with home staging perfection and ends with extra money for the sellers. Savvy sellers reap rewards when they understand the concept of creating a look that buyers will fight over. That starts with a plan.

If you want to create a look so buyers will fight over your house, call me at (913) 515-3250. It’s what I do for all of my sellers and it’s why they end up with extra money they didn’t know they would have.

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