Home Staging to Create the Perfect Closet Appeal When Selling Your Home

Is creating the perfect closet important when selling your home? Absolutely! But how do you do that without spending a ton of time or money? When most people think of reorganizing anything, they think they need to move everything out in order to get started. While that’s sometimes the case, the very first thing you need to do is to create a plan. For the purpose of this post, I am going to talk about a closet rearrange for a woman who has a regular closet with one or two hanging bars and nothing else. Here are some tips to help you get started creating the perfect closet without a lot of effort:

  • Decide before you start, what is your end result going to look like? What do you envision?
  • Buy new hangers – matching plastic ones are fine. Buy a lot and you can return what you don’t use.
  • Go through your clothes and create 4 piles:
    • Throw away
    • Donate to charity
    • Currently wearing
    • Not wearing but want to keep
    • Off season stuff, pack up or move to another closet in another part of the house
      • Go back to the currently wearing pile and create 2 new piles:
      • What can be folded
      • What must be hung in the closet
      • Sort the clothes to be hung into category piles:
        • Pants
        • Blouses
        • Tops
        • Dresses
        • Suits

You get the idea. Then take each of your categories and color code them. The main thing is to keep like things together such as tops, group all of your short sleeved tops (color coded) and then hang long sleeved tops sorted into the same color coded arrangement.

In other words, (it makes no difference what category you start with) left to right:

  • Plain white short sleeves
    • Patterned white short sleeves
    • Pastel short sleeves (keep your pinks together, light pink to dark pink, light yellow to dark yellow, etc.)
      • Patterned pastel short sleeves
      • Plain red short sleeves
        • Patterned red short sleeves
        • Plain black short sleeves
          • Patterned black short sleeves

Or, if you prefer, you can do all of your solid colors and then do a patterned category.

Then repeat the colors throughout the categories, such as:

  • White long sleeves
  • Pastel long sleeves
  • Red long sleeves
  • Black long sleeves

And so on. Uniformity is the key to making closet organization work for you. In the end, you’ll love the way it looks and the way it makes you feel. And you created the perfect closet that every Overland Park home buyer wants to see when buying a home.

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