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Home Staging Wars

If I had a television show, it would be called Home Staging Wars. I believe if you take one house, give it to two different agents to market, you will get two entirely different results.

This is a case in point that home staging done right gets you more money when you sell your home. Plus for those of you who have heard staging isn’t necessary in this market because your house will sell anyway – think again. It’s not about whether or not your house will sell. It’s about how much money you will make.

Here’s the scenario:

This is the story of my house in Leawood South that sold and was vandalized before the buyer moved in. You may have seen the story on the news. The house backed up to Leawood South Golf Course. The buyer wanted to put in a pool. She checked with the home’s association and the city regarding adding a pool. She had permission to add the pool as long as it was fenced.

Obviously not everyone liked her idea of putting up a privacy fence on a lot that backed up to the golf course. As soon as the fence was installed, it was vandalized with red spray paint. She removed the fence and decided to find another house. Two months after she bought the house, she decided not to move in. She put the house back on the market with the agent who sold her the house.

Home Staging Wars – Melinda’s version

My sellers were living in California and they were ready to sell. They hired me to not only list their house but also to stage their house so they could net the most money possible.

The week before it came on the market, my guys and I moved in furniture and accessories so the house would appeal to the largest number of buyers.

When I listed the house for $400,000, it sold the first day on the market for $415,000. It was one of three offers on the house and the least amount of money but had a 2 week closing. My sellers accepted the cash offer. After negotiating some repairs, the house sold for $412,425 cash.

Home Staging Wars – the vacant version

12703 high drive family room vacant

I’ve found that vacant homes don’t always show well or sell quickly. But most of all, a vacant home shows no emotion. It’s a proven fact that buyers must get emotional about a house before they will buy it. It’s all part of the 10 second rule. And emotion is the only thing that drives the price up. Most vacant homes lack a wow factor.

The second time around, this house was vacant. They listed it at what she paid for it two months earlier – $415,000. When I had it listed, our highest offer was $423,000 and the second highest offer was $418,000.

In the end, she sold the house for $409,000 with a $5,000 credit for repairs so she sold it for $404,000. I attribute the difference in price between the first sale and the second sale solely to the staging component.

Bottom line

When buyers walk into a house and say “wow!” – that’s money in the bank for the seller. My marketing plan works to build up the momentum so the buyers and their agents are lined up to see the house as soon as it hits the market. When you have an emotionally appealing house, buyers will buy it faster and will pay more money for it every time!

If you think the agent you choose doesn’t matter when selling your house – think again. My sellers walked away with $8,000 more than the second seller. Think what you want but in my opinion, that’s a lot of money and some very good home staging.

If you want to make more money when selling your home call me direct at (913) 515-3250. It’s your money in the bank!

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