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How to Live Large in a Small Space

Over the last few years, I’ve become an expert on how to live large in a small space. But when I actually bought and moved into an 800 square foot house, I really learned how to live large in a small space.

I don’t just sell real estate, stage homes and help people downsize, it’s reality for me. I walk my talk. I do what I sell.

I went from a 3,500 square foot, 5 bedroom house to an apartment. Trouble was, I loved my apartment but hated apartment living. Not that there was anything wrong with it, but living in an apartment wasn’t my style. I was extremely bored living there. I like the responsibility of homeownership and doing what I want, not what someone else wants me to do.

It all Starts with a Plan

My son suggested I buy another house, something smaller and more manageable. That very day I looked at one house in Prairie Village and bought it. My first thought was that it was tiny. Tiny for sure but very doable. I saw the possibilities for “Tiny.” While I didn’t want to rip the thing apart, I did want to update the recently updated kitchen, remove the stinky carpet that smelled like dog and get that awful cigar smoke smell out of the garage. Hey, what else could you expect to do after paying top dollar for the house?

How to Expand a Small Space

Once I updated the kitchen with granite, a cool stainless apron sink and new stainless appliances, I started working on the backyard. The house had a nice patio but it needed something more. I created what I call “Backyard Bliss” which is now an amazing space for outdoor dining and entertaining.

My true creativity kicked in with “Shed Chic.” There was an ordinary shed in the backyard but I saw it in a different light. When I moved into the house, I put all of my extra home staging furniture in the shed. As time went on, I had different thoughts. I would go out there and sit and ponder…what if I finished the shed and turned it into a She Shed? I envisioned it with windows, ship-lap on the walls, expensive carpet and more trendy furniture and accessories.  Add a television, music, mini frig and a bar and voila, “Shed Chic!”

Letting Go and Starting Fresh

I made the decision to donate all of the home staging furniture and started from scratch. Just get rid of it. There are lots of places in need of your gently used furniture and accessories.

I practically tripped over the perfect couch at HomeGoods one day while looking for a $6 item I had seen there previously. It took me about 60 seconds to decide it was the perfect couch for my She Shed. But how in the world would I get it home and where was I going to put it once I got it home? While waiting for a guy and a truck, I not only bought the couch, I found the perfect chair, table and some pillows and other accessories. I spent an hour in HomeGoods picking out things from their inventory and arranging it right there in the store. Funny how many people stopped to give me their opinion!

The hardest part of the whole project was finding the right guys to do the work – for the right price. Some guys bid it way too high thinking I had money to burn. Most of them asked why I wanted to finish a shed. That was until their wives said, “Shut up and take the job. Then come home and build me a She Shed. Yes, dear!”

Every time I go to Home Depot, the employees ask me questions about my She Shed. After all, I was there every day for a week buying material for the project. The girls at HomeGoods ask about my She Shed. It seems to me every woman wants a She Shed but not everyone can have one – mainly because of homes associations.

How to Live Large in a Small Space

I still live in 800 square feet but have never felt like it was too small. I’m living larger now than when I lived in 3,500 square feet. Why? I’ve learned how to live large in a small space because it’s the right space. The secret of how to live large in a small space is that you have the right space. I don’t have unoccupied bedrooms or a dining room nobody ever eats in. I don’t have things I don’t like. I don’t ever not go upstairs or downstairs because I don’t have either. I don’t have 5 toilets to remember to flush on occasion.

Living in 800 square feet suits my lifestyle and it’s fun. Whether it’s having friends stop by for morning coffee and girl talk or an afternoon Shed Chic signature cocktail at the end of the day, Tiny, Bliss and Shed Chic are serving me well…very well. I even created a facebook page for Shed Chic! Like it here.

How to live large in a small space is a lifestyle decision. If you’d like more information, please call me direct at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here.

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