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Leawood Home Seller Success Story

Here is the Leawood home seller success story of Rick and Karen:

They had moved to L.A. and had not yet completely moved out of their home here in Leawood South at 12703 High Drive. Karen had asked me to come by and walk through the house with her to determine what they needed to do to sell for top dollar. That was a few months ago.

We created a list of must do home selling tips to be a “top dog” in the real estate game.

Once the necessary updates and repairs were made, the moving van arrived and packed up the rest of their belongings. It was now time for me to get busy with the home staging. This was a $400,000 house that was vacant. As I stood at the entry looking into the massive great room I knew this vacant home would not show well. They never do. Plus vacant homes show every imperfection there is. As the Realtor and home staging stylist, it was up to me to bring out the emotion of the home that would stand out in the photos and get buyers and the Realtor community excited about this house.12703 high drive dining room before

I made the decision to stage the master bedroom, great room, dining room and kitchen by bringing in a minimum of the right pieces of furniture. After all, moving furniture in and out of a house is never a fun time but it’s very necessary and pays off! The icing on the cake would be adding in the right colors with accessories and artwork to capture the hearts of the buyers.12703 high drive dining room after


The morning the house came on the market I already had about 10 showings scheduled by 9:00 a.m. As I had planned, my pre-marketing efforts paid off and I had agents lined up at the house waiting for their buyers to arrive to see this amazing home. I knew we had nailed it.

My Fast Sale Visual Marketing Plan worked once again to sell this house the first day on the market, with multiple offers and for more money than Rick and Karen had imagined. After a busy day, they chose the offer that was actually the lowest price but it was cash and would close in 2 weeks.

Selling your home with multiple offers is part of my plan and what I do for you when selling your home. Rick and Karen had other offers that were for more money but had a 6 week close. Their house sold for $412,425 after we negotiated in a credit for some repairs.

They made an additional $12,425 over asking price by doing these 3 things:

  1. Listening to me and doing what I suggested so they would appeal to the masses and sell fast
  2. Pricing their home to sell and allowing me to stage it to attract more buyers
  3. Hiring me as their agent because of my reputation and formula that works to consistently sell homes the first day on the market

The general public thinks every house is selling like wildfire. Unfortunately, the average days on the market for a Johnson County home is still over 50. Plus the list price to sale price is around 97%. On a $400,000 house, that means this house could have been on the market for almost 2 months and sold for $388,000. Luckily, for Rick and Karen, I’m not your average Realtor and I have a proven home selling formula that works to sell homes the first day on the market. My plan worked for them and they reaped almost $25,000 more than average.

Remember, the Realtor you hire determines the results you get. The average agent uses hope marketing and has no competitive advantage. I have a proven formula that works. As a home seller, it’s your money you’re giving up.karen and rick

If you are thinking of selling your home and want to sell your home fast with multiple offers, call me at (913) 515-3250. Let’s see if the secrets of my home selling formula will create a home seller success story for you, too!





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