Are You Living in “House Hell?”

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Last week I bumped into a friend at a class I was attending. She was actually in a conversation with someone else but when I saw her, I hung around to say hello. As soon as she saw me she said, “I need to sell my house!”

She told me she was living in “House Hell.” I had never heard that term but I didn’t need to ask her to explain…she went on about it for the next 15 minutes – we actually walked out of the building together. She said her house didn’t serve her anymore – it was just her and her husband living there, in a way too big house with a way bigger mortgage. Plus, they’d had all these “issues.” I gave her my card and told her I would like to meet with them.

As I was driving, it made me think about how many other people feel this way? There are a whole lot of people living in houses they should no longer be in. How do I know that? I talk to them every day. Baby boomers, empty nesters, whatever you want to call them – it’s called downsizing. The kids are gone and they are still in the big 2 story with more space than they know what to do with but they stay. They have lots of reasons to stay.

5 top reasons to stay in a house that no longer serves you:

  1. It’s easier to stay than move
  2. What would we do with all of our stuff?
  3. The kids would never want us to sell this home and what if they need to move back in?
  4. Where would we go?
  5. We don’t have a mortgage so it doesn’t cost us anything to stay here

All of those are very viable answers but you know me and I always like to open your mind a bit and make you think long term.

5 top reasons to sell a house that no longer serves you:

  1. Change is always hard but it’s easier to make a change now while you still can rather than wait until you need help moving. My friend Mary called me when she couldn’t get down the stairs anymore. Since she is a widow and her kids all live out of town, I asked her who was going to help her move?
  2. You get rid of the stuff you no longer need, enjoy or that serves you. Shoot, I had an estate sale and my worldly possessions were gone to good homes in 2 days flat. I kept what I loved and I moved on!
  3. The kids are not helping you maintain that house and they will survive without having to come back home – that’s just your excuse to keep the house.
  4. There are plenty of places for you to go – let’s look at your options.
  5. Living mortgage free is wonderful; however, you still have insurance, taxes, utilities and maintenance on a way too big of a house (that’s the house hell part of it). As you get older, smaller is better, less stressful, more manageable and just plain fun. And maintenance free living is even better.

I have lots of people who are on my “5 Year Plan.” They know they will be moving sometime in the next 5 years. I helped them create a plan to make gradual changes to get their house ready to sell for top dollar when the time comes. Funny thing is, those same people who tell me they aren’t moving end up calling me back when they’ve had a health issue. Sometimes life surprises you and you discover your home is no longer serving your needs.

Change is always hard but I know from experience that moving is easier when it’s planned. And expecting someone else to do it for you is never a good idea. If you don’t want to do it on your own, how can you expect your children to drop everything to help you? It’s a life changing experience. Be proactive and do it while it makes good sense. You don’t have to live in “House Hell!” That’s your choice. Figure out what you need to do and move on with your life.

If you’d like to discuss your options for selling your house in Overland Park or surrounding areas, call me at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here. Download my free app by texting KW2D5C6L

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