Love Vintage? What to Choose or Keep When Downsizing in Overland Park!

purple chaiseI’ve been a lifelong collector and love vintage but when it came to selling my home and downsizing in Overland Park, I had to decide what to keep when I moved. Before getting my real estate license, my mom and I had an antiques shop and Tea Room – yes I cooked, prepared and did dishes every day and on the weekends, searched for great finds for the shop. And today vintage is very hip!

When I downsized from my 5 bedroom house a couple of years ago, one of my biggest dilemmas was what furniture would I take with me – what would fit in my new smaller one living area space? I had several options for living room stuff and since I no longer would have 4 different living areas, I had a decision to make. In my great room I had a humongous wrap around couch (which I’d only used a handful of times, in the hearth room was a Durapella loveseat and ottoman (wish I had brought that ottoman) in front of the fireplace, upstairs in the loft was the matching Durapella couch and chair which nobody ever sat on and in the finished lower level I had my mom’s stuff  – a couch, loveseat and chaise lounge all from the ‘40’s. They’d been reupholstered many times over the years and they were fancy just like my mom.

After complaining to my daughter about how the furniture was not going to fit in my smaller space, she suggested I keep grandma’s stuff. I did love it. It was smaller sized and I could reupholster it one more time if I wanted. I proceeded to measure everything to make sure it would fit and it was perfect for my new home.

The chaise lounge really needed to be reupholstered so once I got moved, I went out in search of fabric for my new “go to” spot. The curtains came first of course (read that post here) and once that happened I was free to choose whatever else would work well in my new space.

With of sample of my curtains in hand, I set out to find the right fabric for my chaise. I found some purple chenille that would wear well and would take a beating. It was cheap so I bought the whole bolt of fabric since I had no idea how much would be needed to reupholster my chaise. My upholstery lady came over, picked up my chaise and two weeks later returned it. GORGEOUS! She even made me some big floor pillows with the extra fabric. I was pleased!

I’m so glad I didn’t get rid of my mom’s furniture. It’s the right size, very hip right now and I truly love it – it’s me! If you’re considering downsizing in Overland Park, vintage is a very cool and fun way to go.

Thinking of downsizing anytime soon? Whether you’re thinking about it now or within the next 5 years, now is the time to devise your plan. My 5 Year Plan will alleviate many of your questions and will get you on the right track to a better organized downsize. You can call me at (913) 515-3250 with your questions or contact me here.

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