“Melinda Bartling is a Godsend!”

My seller who closed last Thursday said in her testimonial, “Melinda Bartling is a godsend.” According to Merriam-Webster, a godsend is something wanted or needed that comes or happens unexpectedly. So, how was I a godsend to this particular seller? Here’s the skinny on what happened over a period of a couple of months, from preparing the house for sale through closing:

  • The seller moved to Texas before the house was even ready for the market
  • She left her mother in Topeka in charge of everything (we’ll call her the seller from here on out)
  • The house needed some repairs before we put it on the market
    • Interior paint
    • Glass (window) replacement plus wood rot from removing glass
    • Carpet cleaning

What was next?

  • I located people to give us bids
  • I met people to get bids
  • I forwarded bids on to seller
  • I scheduled work to be done and met workmen to get them into the house
  • I arranged payment

One weekend when the seller came in town, she and I went shopping to buy a few things for the vacant house. We needed curtains for the dining room windows, throw rugs for entry doors, a new mat outside and a hand towel for the guest bath. We went to a couple of stores and knocked that out pretty quick. Not to mention the kitchen curtains we bought, hung, re-hung, took down and returned.

The house was then ready to go on the market. Since the house was vacant, I followed up to make sure Realtors were turning lights off and locking all doors. I sent feedback from showing agents to the seller.

We received two offers on the house on Christmas Eve. I met with my seller at 2:00 that day and she chose the offer that worked for her. Merry Christmas!

Within 10 days, the buyers did their home inspections. There were a few minor details the buyer asked the seller to address. One was an outdoor electrical issue that required the cooperation from KCPL to come out and disconnect service while the licensed electrician fixed the problem. I talked to the electrician every day for a week to see if he had heard when KCPL was coming out. It finally happened on the Tuesday before closing. I met the electrician and gave him a check from the seller for the work completed.

I had a couple of handymen out to bid the rest of the repairs. I met with both of them at separate times and received their bids and selected the right one for my seller. Making sure those repairs were completed, I took pictures of the repairs to send to the buyer’s agent and delivered a check to the handyman from the seller.

The seller wanted to pick up the proceeds check in person. Trouble was, she was driving from Topeka and wouldn’t be able to do that by 5:00 when the title company closed. We arranged for the title company to call me when the check was ready and I could pick it up and meet with the seller later that evening.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about selling houses is it? Now I know how I was a godsend. My seller told me that she couldn’t have done it without me. To me, it’s a version of what I do every day. Glad to have been of service. So, now when people want to know what value I bring to the table, I can honestly tell them that among other things, Melinda Bartling is also a “godsend.”

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