My Favorite Overland Park Event of the Year – Large Item Trash Cleanup Coming Soon!

One of my very favorite things to do in Overland Park is the Large Item Trash Cleanup. I have a passion for going to Flea Markets, Antique Shows, or Trash to Treasure Events. After owning an antiques shop with my mom many years ago, it brings back great memories of the fun we had finding treasures for the shop. The biggest challenge was parting with those treasures once we found them. Then we would almost fight over who got to keep them if they didn’t go to the shop.

Coming in June is the Large Item Trash Cleanup in Overland Park. While this doesn’t sound like as much fun as First Fridays in the West Bottoms, these are FREE “events” and only for the brave of heart. They always start on Friday night as residents are putting out the items they no longer want and can get hauled off for free. And then the fun begins. Typically, you can dispose of appliances, railroad ties, construction debris, car parts and furniture you no longer love. Late into the night, people with trailers, trucks and whatever vehicle they’ve got go perusing the streets, block by block looking for treasures. Some people are looking for things they can resell and make money on. I’m just looking for the odd item that I can take home and turn into something I love. One year I found 3 old suitcases that were full of stuff. I still have them today. One I have on top of a bookcase and the other two I use as an end table. What fun! Another man’s trash is sometimes my treasure.

This year’s event is east of Antioch (it alternates year to year – east or west of Antioch). Here are the three dates for some kind of fun in Overland Park:

  • Saturday, June 15, east of Antioch, north of 87th Street to the city limits.
  • Saturday, June 22, east of Antioch, south of 87th Street to north of College Boulevard.
  • Saturday, June 29, east of Antioch, south of College Boulevard to the city limits.

If you’re looking for things to do in Overland Park and would like to hook up with me and attend the Overland Park Large Item Trash Cleanup or as I call it – go junkin’ – give me a call at (913) 515-3250.

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