Other Real Estate Related Services

We offer a plethora of other real estate related services in Overland Park. Call or text us at (913) 515-3250 or contact us here to discuss your specific needs. We have a specialist that can help!

Home Smudging

If you want to rid your home of negativity or just bad juju, our Home Smudging Ceremony will work for you. For more information, read the blog post or text or call Melinda at (913) 515-3250.

FREE Market Analysis

Many factors go into a calculation of your home’s market value. If you want to know what your home is worth in today’s market, we will research the comparables for your neighborhood before we meet with you. Most people have a pretty good idea of what their home is worth, but if you want a more specific value, we need to walk through your home with you.

Your home’s value will be based on similar homes that have recently sold in your neighborhood as well as updates you’ve made to your home. You can get a pretty good idea of the value by downloading your free computerized Market Analysis from our local MLS System here. It’s easy to do, just enter your address and the system will do the work for you. Click here and enter your information.

Computer estimated calculations would never be as precise as an in-depth agent generated report.

We’re excited to provide you with a more detailed value as one of our real estate related services. Call or text us at (913) 515-3250 or contact us here to schedule a one-on-one walk through and market evaluation of your home. It’s FREE!

Consult, Analyze and Recommend

If you are thinking of selling your home in Overland Park and don’t know quite where to start, this 3 step service is for you.

Whether you are planning a move in the next few months, or are on your 5 Year Plan, this service will give you a starting point from a professional Home Staging Stylist’s point of view.

  1. We will consult with you to determine what you want to accomplish and by when.
  2. Then we analyze where you are now by doing a thorough walk through and walk around of your house.
  3. The last step is we recommend what you would need to do if you want to use our Home Selling System and sell your home in 3 days or less, with multiple offers.

Following our appointment, we will email you a written punch list so you have a plan to follow. Need some workmen to get some work done? Let us recommend you to people that others have used with successful results.

Ready to get started? This process is offered through our home staging company, Overland Park Home Staging, takes a couple of hours and is $150. Call us at (913) 515-3250 or email us to schedule your Consult, Analyze and Recommend Consultation today. It’s a great way to get started with your next move. This service is not designed to determine the value of your home.

Move Management Program

We can help with all aspects of managing your move!

If you’re in way over your head with your stuff, this plan may be just what the doctor ordered. It’s one of the most popular programs we offer in our other real estate related services. Designed to be a 90 day plan, we can adjust it to meet your specific needs that can be spread out over several months.

This plan focuses on the every day action steps necessary to get your house ready for the market based on where you are currently in the process.

There are 3 different levels of Our Move Management Program for you to choose from:

  1. If you just need a plan to get started, we will provide you with a written plan that will include all the action steps necessary
  2. If you are the type that needs a written game plan including daily action steps, we will work that up and will provide you with a written daily format so you can check items off as you complete them
  3. Plus we also offer accountability check-ins for those of you that need that weekly encouragement.

You do not have to be a real estate client of Melinda Bartling to receive this service. However, Melinda’s clients do receive a substantial discount. Fees are hourly or packages are available depending on your needs.

If you know you need help just getting started, call or text us at (913) 515-3250 or contact us here. We will be glad to discuss your situation and come up with a solution that will work for you.

Amazing Rearranging

Amazing Rearranging is the sister company of Overland Park Home Staging. It’s our Overland Park Design and Redesign Division that works with homeowners who aren’t selling but want a new look for their homes without spending a lot of money. Your result is a decorator look without the decorator price tag. We’ll create a look that you will love coming home to once again!

An Amazing Rearranging session is the most requested of all of our other real estate related services.

You can choose from the following options:

  • a 2 hour Amazing Rearrange, typically rearranges 1-2 rooms for $150
  • a half day typically rearranges 3-4 rooms for $300 or
  • a full day that typically can be a whole house rearrange for $500.

It’s easy to get started by booking a couple of hours and adding on as necessary. Call or text us at (913) 515-3250 or contact us here to book your Amazing Rearranging.

Getting Organized

Getting organized is what we do everyday when helping sellers prepare their home for the market. We are experts at decluttering and organizing what’s left. It’s the 1st step in home staging. If we can’t do that, we can’t stage homes.

Decluttering is not shoving everything into a drawer or cabinet. It’s getting rid of the excess. We can help you get started, stay on task and finish the job. Or we can do it with you.

Organizing is taking everything out and starting over. Whether it’s a closet, your kitchen cabinets or bathroom drawers, you’ve got to start from scratch. Everything has a place. Then you’ll know where it is. You’ll save time and will be less stressed when everything is in its place and you know where that is.

Whether you are selling or dwelling, let us help you get your place in order. We can help with:

  • decluttering
  • boxing up and hauling off
  • organizing
  • pre-packing
  • what to get rid of and what to keep
  • unpacking and setting up your new place
  • resources for things you no longer want or need
  • and much more

Call or text us at (913) 515-3250 or contact us here.

Apartment Complexes – Design Services

We also work with apartment complexes to furnish and stage your vacant or current models. If you have a high vacancy rate and are not converting lookers into renters, you are not making your best first impression. Within 10 seconds of renters seeing a model, either online or in person, they will decide whether or not they want to live there.

That’s where we can help. We don’t just rent and deliver furniture. We use our signature style and create a fresh, updated look designed specifically for your demographic, that will make people say, “Wow…I love this place. I can see myself living here.”

Call us at (913) 515-3250 or contact us here to see how we can help you create that trendy apartment model that every renter sees themselves living in.

Model Homes – Design Services

It’s a proven fact that well furnished and staged model homes create the “wow factor” that buyers need to be able to see themselves living there. If your lookers aren’t converting into buyers, there’s a reason. Typically it’s because buyers aren’t falling in love with your model.

Whether you need a fresh new look or a complete staging with furniture and accessories, we can help.

Let us create the right look, based on your target market, using our signature style that will draw buyers in, fall in love and say, “We love this place…we can see ourselves living here…what do we need to do to get started?”

Call or text us at (913) 515-3250 or contact us here to discuss how we can save you time and money on your next project.

Homeowners – Redesign Services

If you don’t absolutely love your space anymore, let us help!

Here’s What We Do For You:

  • create a new look for one room or your entire house
  • re-purpose your own furnishings in a new way
  • rearrange your space using what you already have
  • shop for you or with you to create a whole new look
  • set your house apart from your neighbors with a curb appeal makeover
  • help you choose new paint colors to freshen things up a bit
  • pick out new granite and back splash and make sure it ties together with everything else
  • create a gallery wall that will be balanced and make an impact
  • give you a professional second opinion about what you are thinking about doing or what “they” are  trying to sell you
  • pull your whole house look together so it is balanced and flows well
  • create curb appeal

Sometimes the smallest changes can make all the difference. Loving your home is so important to your livelihood. Call or text us at (913) 515-3250 or contact us here to discuss how we can help create a fresh new space on a shoestring budget.

Outdoor Space Makeover

Since Covid-19, the Outdoor Space Makeover is gaining in popularity in the other real estate related services that we offer. With more people working from home, families are wanting more space to spread out. An Outdoor Space Makeover is perfect for that.

Call or text us at (913) 515-3250 or contact us here for a FREE 30 minute consultation to see how we can help you create an Outdoor Space Makeover on a shoestring budget.

Mancave Makeovers

A mancave makeover is the process of taking your current space and recreating it into a cleaner, more organized, aesthetically pleasing, more odor free place where a man can hang out, be with his friends, have “his stuff” and yet the woman in his life will allow him to have it…without bitching about it. 

We love Shed Decorating whether it’s for him, her or a hangout for the kids. Call or text us at (913) 515-3250 or contact us here for a Shed Dec Makeover.

She Sheds


If you have an everyday backyard shed that you would like to convert, we can do that for you. Melinda Bartling has an awesome backyard retreat, Shed Chic, where she hosts regular Happy Hours for Women Who Wine.

When people ask her what she does at Shed Chic, her answer is always the same, “whatever I want!”

No matter what your decorating needs may be, give us a call or text us at (913) 515-3250 or contact us here. We look forward to creating a new space for you!

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