Overland Park Hoarders

The reason I started blogging was not to talk about Overland Park hoarders necessarily but to share experiences about buying and selling real estate and home staging. I wanted people to understand that there is probably more meat to the real estate industry than what people think. These blogs are my true confessions of what I experience every day. Today’s post is no exception however it’s hard for me to delve into something I myself don’t understand. As a Realtor and Home Staging Stylist, I receive many calls from people who want my help with staging their home to sell or arranging it to dwell. And I never know what I’m going to walk into. Over the years, I have run across probably less than twenty or so hoarders. They never give me any indication like they have a lot of stuff. I guess that’s the denial part of it. They usually let me know the house is a mess and the cleaning lady won’t be coming until after I come over. That’s the tipoff to me. When they apologize for the condition before I come over, it’s a pretty sure indication that there is going to be a situation – such as the house is a wreck.

As hoarders, they are like any other sellers. They call me because they need to sell and they get the impression I’m going to fix their house for them. I don’t tend to sugarcoat anything so I really don’t treat them any different than I would any other seller. That just comes down to telling people what they need to hear versus what they may want to hear. It’s always been my policy to ask people if it’s ok to be perfectly honest with them. From that point on, I tell them the truth coming from my perspective as a Realtor and also how I think a buyer will respond to their house. After all, as a seller, you are competing with all the other houses on the market. I will tell you exactly what you need to do to get your house on the market and it’s up to you to make it happen. Hoarder or not!

Depending on the severity of the hoarding, most of the time they have to move out and get someone else to deal with their stuff. Last year a friend that I went to high school with, asked me to go by and look at her house which she was going to be selling. She informed me that they were having an estate sale and I could get a look at the house and let her know what I thought.

I didn’t know she was a hoarder. The people working the estate sale were spilling their guts with stories of the stuff she had – including over 300 pairs of expensive shoes, mostly new, still in the boxes. Her house was a disaster, had never been updated and was in poor condition from what I could tell. I never had to tell her what I thought because she sold it to someone who attended the estate sale for dirt cheap.

Hoarders are everywhere, all ages, and from all walks of life. This is a picture of my neighbor’s garage. She is moving this week into an assisted living facility. I’m not sure who has been helping her pack but they have made a true dent in this Overland Park hoarder’s garage, there is now a path.

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