Overland Park Home Buyers Beware! What You Really Need to Know!

This past weekend has been spent with first time buyers who are a few months away from buying a home in Overland Park. April is National Open House Month and as always, there is plenty of inventory to choose from but there is still a lack of good houses on the market. The Spring Parade of Homes is in full bloom with beautiful weather to kick start the opening weekend.

I have found that once buyers decide to buy, they want to get out right now and start looking for the perfect house. “How many houses do you think you’ll have to look at before you find the right one,” I always ask. Some people say 10, some will tell me 50. Regardless, if you are honed in on what you really want, a few good, carefully selected homes should suffice.

If you aren’t quite yet ready to buy, looking at houses is not always a good thing. I compare it to going to the Mall to just look. I don’t know about you but I’ve never had the desire or the time to just go and walk around and look at stuff I want but for whatever reason, I’m not going to buy. And how often does that work? In other words, if you start looking for a house, you will find one. And no one cares that your lease isn’t up for another 6 months. Now you’ve found the house of your dreams, the one you can see yourself living in and now you’ve put yourself in a very challenging situation. This very situation happened to me twice over the weekend. Two different buyers found houses they liked very much, but neither of them were ready to move yet.

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