Overland Park Home Inspections: 7 Top Home Maintenance Tips You Can’t Avoid

Every home inspection turns up a number of items that are actually a lack of home maintenance. Here are 7 top home maintenance tips that can be avoided with a little planning on your part:

  1. Gfci’s – these are the electrical outlets that have a reset button on them that will trip the breaker in case of emergency. The home inspectors want them installed on outlets that are within 5 feet of water. This includes bathrooms, kitchens and wet bars. Many older homes are not equipped with gfci outlets.
  2. Garage door openers – how are your openers wired? If you’re using one or more extension cords across the garage ceiling, that is not the right way to do things according to the home inspectors.
  3. Dirt around the foundation – by adding and maintaining a sloping layer of dirt around your foundation will not only help your home pass a home inspection, it will help protect your basement from water.
  4. Re-routing water away from your house – take a look at your downspouts and where they lead. Are they pouring water right back into your foundation? If so, buy some of those ugly black extensions and get the water directed away from your home.
  5. Deck posts – are your deck posts resting on concrete or on the ground? They need to be on concrete to help prevent termites.
  6. Trees, plants, and shrubs that are up against your house – overgrown shrubs need to be cut back so they are not in contact with your house and promoting moisture issues.
  7. Chimneys and fireplaces – if you have a masonry fireplace, when was the last time you had it inspected? Even if you don’t use it, deterioration is still possible. Is the chimney crown intact or is it wasting away? Chimney and fireplace restoration can be costly. It’s wise to have it checked periodically to see if it needs any correction. Early detection can save you thousands of dollars long term.

Home maintenance is mandatory to keep your house in good working order. Don’t wait until you’re ready to sell to make adjustments. That makes your home look like it hasn’t been upgraded or well maintained. Buyers want to purchase a well cared for home that’s not a money pit.

My Friday blog posts are primarily dedicated to home maintenance. Check out my posts every Friday for a little home maintenance project you can do over the weekend to keep your home well maintained.

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