Overland Park Home Maintenance: That Dreaded Wood Rot

One of an Overland Park homeowner’s biggest pests is the dreaded wood rot. If you think your house doesn’t have wood rot, think again. Most of the houses I sell in Overland Park are full of wood rot. I think it’s a lack of maintenance on most homeowner’s part. When I walk around the outside of a house and point things out to most homeowners, they never noticed that before. Then they proceed to tell me that they don’t actually walk around the house looking at things. “Unfortunately, I already know that.”

Your weekly home maintenance to-do:

This week’s home maintenance “to do” is to go outside and check around your windows, window sills, sashes, siding, deck boards, columns, doors, etc. and look and feel for wood rot. I’ve seen some home inspectors carry a screwdriver poking around looking for soft wood that’s rotten underneath.

What many homeowners don’t realize is that wood rot is a fungus that needs maintenance because even after you think you’ve fixed it, it will continue to grow back.

Older decks take on an extensive amount of wood rot from the deck boards to the support posts. The posts themselves should be set in concrete so the posts don’t come in contact with the dirt. Decks with extensive wood rot become a safety hazard when the wood becomes so rotten that the deck can actually fall off the house and crash. I had one homeowner tell me their “martini deck” off the master was so full of wood rot that they couldn’t even go out there anymore.

Extensive wood rot is a real hazard and should be remedied immediately so it doesn’t continue to grow. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor this weekend and walk around your house. You might be surprised what you might find.

If you need a referral to someone who could fix your wood rot, please give me a call at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here.

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