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Overland Park Home Maintenance

Overland Park Home Maintenance: Washing Machines

My mother always taught me to leave the washing machine lid up so it could air out and dry out after each use. Mom was always right. Those were the days of the top loaders. With today’s front loading washing machines, you may be tempted to close the door after each use. That’s when the trouble begins.

Here’s the problem with that

If your washing machine doesn’t fully drain, is left damp or clothes are left in there for more than a day, it can take on an odor all its own. What is that smell? Dampness eventually starts growing bacteria which eventually causes a musty odor. It seems no matter what you do, it’s hard to get that smell of mold out of your laundry room.

What can you do?

Whether you have a top loader or front loading machine, wipe down the interior of your machine with a dry towel after each use. Then once every couple of weeks, run your washer through a hot cycle without clothes and add a cup of bleach to the water. Then again, dry the inside of the drum once the cycle completes to keep your machine smelling fabulous.

It all comes down to maintenance

Who knows, maybe it’s the little things that cause things to last longer. My mom was a stickler for maintenance – home maintenance and for anything that mattered. She taught me to take of and respect the things you have and they will last forever. And she lived to be a ripe old age!

For more helpful tips on maintaining your Overland Park home, read my blog every Friday.

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