Is Your Overland Park Home a Red Carpet Winner?

red carpetI love the Red Carpet events. It’s all about the fashion, glitz, glamour and style of being the best you can be. As a Realtor and home staging stylist in Overland Park, it’s exactly how I approach each home. I look for the ways I can turn your home into a star performer so it sells really fast and for the most money to you.

Home staging was created by Barb Schwarz in the 1970’s. When I took her course in Chicago in 2006, she taught me her much coveted staging secrets of turning any home into a red carpet winner. She also told the class you either have the eye for style or you don’t. It’s not something you learn. It’s a gift you already have. Knowing what looks good is the key.

Selling your home is much like Red Carpet events. The stars prepare for months, weeks, and days before walking the Red Carpet. The day of the event is the most important. How will they be perceived when they walk the infamous Red Carpet? They know they will be judged. Just like your house, it’s all about first impressions! Your buyers will make a decision immediately. Will you be ready? Will you be a hit or miss?

Home Staging is an art. It allows the buyer to not even notice the home has been staged. That’s the trick. It is a natural transformation that creates the look that buyers want – allowing them to visualize themselves living in your home. Don’t move your stuff to the garage. That throws up a red flag. Give your buyers the feeling that your home is a breath of fresh air – perfect in all the right ways.

When selling your home, it’s all about the preparation. Whether you need to update, purge, clean, declutter or paint, it must be done. There is no excuse for not being prepared for your Red Carpet moment. It happens quickly and is gone in a flash. There are no do-overs. Once those buyers are gone, they won’t come back.

Step up to the challenge and prepare your home for the market. Who knows – you might be nominated as a favorite by the pool of buyers waiting for your debut. When you’re called to receive the offer on your house, how will that make you feel and who will you thank?

If you’re ready to compete in the Overland Park real estate Red Carpet competition, please call me direct at (913) 515-3250. I’ve styled, listed and sold many Overland Park homes the first day on the market with multiple offers. My sellers deserve the standing ovation!

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