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Overland Park Home Sellers

Overland Park Home Seller Success Story

My latest Overland Park home seller success story happened last Friday with my newest listing in Hanover South subdivision. This house for sale in Overland Park was the subject of last week’s blog post about the Home Staging Standoff.

The house came on the market Friday morning. The showing activity was less than I expected by the end of the day. But that’s why I say I sell houses in 3 days or less. There are a lot of factors that play into selling a house the first day on the market. And I know what they are!

By dark, the house had received a handful of showings. I had also talked to a few of the showing agents to determine whether or not their buyers were interested. I received a verbal offer from an agent that was headed out to an event, then I received a written offer. The verbal was a little under asking price. By late Friday night, I had a written offer for over asking price. My seller asked me how the price went from less than asking price to over asking price. I laughed! It’s what I do to make sure I create another Overland Park home seller success story.

When it comes to selling your house in Overland Park, or anywhere on the planet, you’ve got to have an agent that understands how and why buyers buy. Then the house has to be priced right. And most of all, the house has to speak to the buyers. It has to have that emotional vibe to it. How does the house make the buyers feel?

How home staging works to grab attention

As I always say, the way you live in your home and the way you sell your house are two very different ways. Knowing the difference is my gift and that’s exactly why my houses sell the first day on the market. Just because your agent brought in a home stager for an hour, doesn’t mean your house is going to sell immediately. Your house probably looks better but better won’t get you a contract. Not all home staging works. Why? I can’t stage a house in a one hour time frame. And that’s about all you’re going to get a Realtor to pay for – a one hour consultation.

I used to do a lot of one hour consultations for other Realtors. Trouble was, once I left, a lot of what I said was left to chance. There was no guarantee things on my list of recommendations would happen. Plus, the biggest part of my staging is using the right accessories and furniture in the right places. If homeowners and Realtors knew how to do that, there would be no home staging industry.

I can look at photos online and determine why a house hasn’t sold yet. My friends who use other Realtors ask me for my advice all the time. They really don’t get that selling your home starts with the Realtor you choose. It’s like asking a girl to prom and dancing with someone else. It’s painful. And I can’t package what I do.

It all comes down to details

Last Thursday, I took two hours out of my day and went room to room of this house before it came on the market Friday morning. I examined every inch and made sure nothing could be better. I changed out a few accessories, touched up some woodwork, straightened the pillows on the couches and did those magnificent 7 little things I do before every listing comes on the market. I was ready!


You have one chance to make a first impression. Remember, selling your home is not about you. It’s about your buyers and how they feel. I’ve learned how to push their emotional buttons. Does every home stager and Realtor know what I know? Not by a long shot and I’ll keep it that way. What I do helps my sellers stand out from their competition, receive multiple offers and smile all the way to the bank when they’ve made more money than they thought was possible. How about the saga of the Leawood South house and the home staging wars?

Remember what I told Melanie

My friends The Dillon’s who moved to Utah a couple of years ago were a prime example. Melanie wanted the house on the market. I told her not yet! As she was cooking for me a couple of days before listing and I was straightening her spice cabinet, I told her when your house is ready, the buyers will come! Guess what? Their house sold the first day on the market. I sold it even before the relo company had sent me all the paperwork. I created another Overland Park home seller success story all through deliberate planning.

Why I do this?

The one question I always get is, “Do you go to all this trouble for every house?” Trouble? It’s not trouble to me. It’s what I do! When I can produce another Overland Park home seller success story of a house that sold the first day on the market, why wouldn’t I?

If you’re thinking of selling your home in Overland Park, Olathe or Leawood anytime soon, call me at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here and let’s talk about how I can help you. If you care about your time and your money, you owe it to yourself to see if what I do will work for you!

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