Overland Park Home Sellers – What Kind are You? (Part 3 of a 3 Part Series)

In any real estate market, there are always 3 types of home sellers (especially in Overland Park). The first is – “I’ll sell if I can get my price.” The second type is “Mr. Hurry Up and Wait.”  The third type is the serious seller who has the attitude of “Let’s Get It Done.” This is the home seller that is motivated to sell, understands the market and realizes that if the home is priced correctly and looks good, it will sell quickly. This is the only type of seller that makes up the approximately 17% of the homes that are selling each month in the Overland Park area. Last week, I showed over 40 houses to a couple that has sold their home and desperately needs to find another place to call home. Out of those 40 homes, there were less than 10% that were worth a second look. There were maybe 4 houses that I would have considered buying myself had I been in their shoes. We finally found something that was overpriced compared to the other houses in the neighborhood, negotiated a fair offer and we naturally didn’t come to an agreement. Obviously, these sellers were either seller type one or two. They weren’t serious even with an offer in hand. They thought their home was worth more than my buyers were willing to pay.

Sellers blame their homes not selling “on the market.” What they fail to realize is there are plenty of buyers out there, give them something to get excited about. The market is tired. Most of the homes on the market don’t show well. Agents want feedback. What did they like, what didn’t they like? After 90 days on the market, an agent should know what others are saying about the house. All buyers are going to say the same thing. Get serious about selling and turn your home into a product that people want. We’re coming into the best, hottest real estate market of the year and those “stale” homes are going to be on the clearance shelf if they don’t come around and step up to the plate. What kind of Overland Park home seller are you?

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