Overland Park Home Staging: Project Re-Stage

People contact me all the time wondering why their house isn’t selling. Many times I will look at it online while I am on the phone with them. “Tell me about your home preparation process,” is the first thing I ask. Many times they tell there was no preparation (which I already knew by looking at their photos). But all too often, they say things like, “It was staged before we came on the market.” There again, the photos tell the true story…was it staged by a professional home staging stylist, by the Realtor or by the homeowner? When I ask who staged their home, it tells me about the lack of understanding of home staging by not only the Realtor community but the home sellers as well.

Home Staging is very misunderstood in the real estate industry. I often talk about what home staging isn’t…it isn’t clearing all of the flat surfaces. It is about removing and then very carefully layering back in with the right furniture and the right accessories in the right places. Home staging takes someone who has the right eye and knows whether something looks good or not.

If your Realtor can’t stage herself, I definitely would be cautious about letting her stage your home. It all comes down to the right look that sells. Does your Realtor have a look that sells?

This week’s project was a re-stage of a previous home staging that didn’t fly. The before photo certainly doesn’t add anything to the look of the house. Here’s what I discovered and fixed:

  • There was too much big furniture in a room that was too small
  • All accessories and accents had been removed
  • The space seemed uninviting and stark

By moving some of the furniture to other rooms and bringing in furniture from other rooms, I created a family room that was easy to live in. Adding just a few accessories from other parts of the house, it warmed up the room enough to make it seem livable.

Staging a home for the Overland Park real estate market isn’t hard if you have the know-how to make it happen. This project was a simple fix that I did in less than one hour.  The seller told me I was like a breath of fresh air. Nice!

If you need help knowing what furniture and accessories to use and in what places throughout your house, that’s what I do best. Call me direct at (913) 515-3250 or get started staging here.


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