Overland Park Home Staging Success Story – How Huge is Your Flat Screen?

My good friends Melanie and Matt were planning a move somewhere this year but they didn’t know it would be to Utah. A few months ago Melanie told me they were ready to sell the house they bought about 3 years ago and move into their dream home on a golf course. Since the way you live in a home and the way you sell a home are 2 different ways, we had more than one discussion about the best arrangement for their Great Room.

I’ve found over the years that the hardest rooms to stage are the rooms with the pianos and the humongous flat screen televisions. Those two items are ALWAYS in the wrong place in the room and they usually aren’t moveable.  But I always ask – what if they said “yes!”

My thought was to move the flat screen away from the window and place it on the largest wall of the Great Room. I mentioned it to Melanie and asked her to “run it by Matt.” After all, I’ve had guys almost chase me out of their house when I start talking about moving their television. Melanie asked and told me that Matt was good with it. SCORE!

The next time I went to their house, they had rearranged the Great Room as I suggested and it was just how I imagined it would look. Everyone made the comment that they liked the arrangement better. (I’ve heard that many times before). People oftentimes get one way of placing the furniture stuck in their heads and never consider anything else. By moving things around in their house, it really opened up the room from the entry – which was my goal for the home staging.

Their house sold the first day on the market for asking price. From the day it was listed to the day of closing was less than 30 days. Plus, not to mention, there were 3 contingent contracts attached to theirs – meaning 3 other people had to close before their buyers could close on their house. Plus to throw in another caveat, this was a relocation buy-out and we had the relocation company to deal with on a daily basis. I actually sold the house faster than the relo company had “their paperwork” to me. The relocation company told me they wanted a fast sale. “No problem!” They didn’t expect me to sell it the first day on the market. Will that get me more relocation business? Maybe… but they need to be ready next time. I’m not fooling around and I will ask sellers to move the treasured flat screen if necessary. I will do whatever it takes to get a house in Overland Park ready for sale, so it sells faster and for the most money possible.

Last year my friends Renee and Dave had a similar issue with the television when buying their new home. You can read about their funny story here.

If you want to sell your house faster and for the most money, please call me for a FREE confidential consultation at (913) 515-3250 to see if what I do will work for you, too.

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