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No matter what the market is doing, Overland Park Home Staging will create your best Model Home Look so your home looks better than your competition.

Did you know Overland Park Home Staging is the whole difference between your home being average and being SOLD FAST? It’s the art and science of creating your home’s best selling look, using your own things so it appeals to the most buyers. It’s the #1 reason your home will be SOLD FAST versus sitting on the market.

The average number of days a house is on the market in Johnson County before it gets an offer is around 40. That’s 40 days of keeping your home in perfect showing condition, leaving every time you have a showing scheduled, and living your life on everyone else’s schedule. We understand living in a perfect environment is nearly impossible.

Our Focus

Our focus at Overland Park Home Staging is to create your best plan to sell your home in 3 days or less, with multiple offers and for more money than you were asking. That’s certainly more doable than the thought of having your home on the market for 40 days.

Would you like to know what it takes to turn any average lived-in home into a HOT property that buyers line up to see and fight over to buy? It’s the difference between being average and SOLD FAST.

The Story of Home Staging

First of all, it’s funny that the average home stager doesn’t know anything about the history of their trade. Most home stagers think Home Staging came to be with HGTV.

The concept of Home Staging was created in 1973 by a lady named Barb Schwarz. She knew homes could look better than they did, appeal to more buyers, and therefore bring sellers more money. Home Staging was for occupied homes. It entailed using what sellers already had in their homes and giving it a fresh, new appeal.

Home Staging was never about furnishing vacant homes as seen so predominantly on HGTV and other similar reality shows. But house-flipping was not a thing in 1973.

Remember, the way you live in your home and the way you sell your house are 2 different ways.

Our Process

Home Staging is a 3 step process of decluttering, depersonalizing, and rearranging your things. You want your home to be Red Carpet Ready to win the price war and beauty pageant. It’s about shopping around your house, finding the best things to use, and removing what doesn’t work for selling.

In 2006, Melinda Bartling flew to Chicago and worked personally with Barb Schwarz – staging homes and learning all her secrets.

Melinda not only learned Barb’s concepts and techniques but she also developed 7 little magic Home Staging Hacks that we use on every home we stage and style in Overland Park. She created what became the busiest home staging business in the city.

These sellers knew nobody wanted to buy grandma’s house. They told us to do whatever it takes to sell their house this weekend. Their house sold the first day on the market, with multiple offers and closed for $5,000 over asking price when we weren’t in “that kind of market.”

Overland Park Home Staging uses the 3 Step Process

  1. decluttering
  2. depersonalizing
  3. rearranging

It starts with a one-hour Home Staging Consultation to walk through your home. Above all, we will provide you with a punch list of things to declutter and depersonalize.

Once you complete steps 1 and 2, we will come back for step 3 – the rearranging step. This is the Staging and Styling Session that will prepare your home for its Professional Photo Shoot.

The right home staging will attract more buyers, make them see and feel themselves living in your home, and will pay you more money to make it happen.

Why in the world would a seller not want an award-winning home stager to create their best home selling look that will net them thousands of dollars over the asking price?

Our Biggest Advantage

The average agent will hire a home stager for a one-hour consultation to give you some pointers on what you need to do to get your home ready for the market. The trouble is, most home stagers don’t have any formal training or know that there are specific strategies that should be used in every home staging. They will give you some tips but they don’t return to make sure everything is as it should be before your Professional Photo Shoot.

Overland Park Home Staging focuses on the final details. It’s the angle of the chair or the placement of just the right accessories. Staging and styling are about doing, redoing, and working with it until it’s just right. If we need to bring in some accessories to freshen up your space, it’s what we do at no additional cost to you! Above all else, it’s about creating your best Model Home Look!

Home Staging is not clearing the countertops or all flat surfaces as many Realtors will tell you to do. Realtors are not home stagers and neither are home sellers. And unfortunately, not all home stagers or sellers have an eye for style or design.

Overland Park Home Staging

We are Realtors who also stage our homes for sale. Ultimately we:

  • understand the real estate market
  • have seen your competition
  • know what today’s buyers want in the home they are going to buy and
  • create your home’s best look so it appeals to the largest number of buyers

When you have that winning combination, you set yourself up to go from average to SOLD FAST!

To schedule your Home Staging Consultation, contact us here or call or text (913) 515-3250. We love staging homes to bring out their best and to bring you more money!

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