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Personal Note Writing Power

I’ve been a personal note writer my entire life. It came naturally to me attending The Barstow School. It was engrained in me that it was just what you did. Barstow girls had a strict social code – especially when it came to manners.

Only a Barstow girl would have had a box of embossed note cards from Hall’s back then. My mother was the quintessential socialite when I was growing up. She hosted a social event at the house at least once a month. She was known for the catered parties she had. And just like clockwork, the thank you notes poured in.

Sending a personal note was much like letter writing and receiving birthday and Christmas cards in the mail. The whole idea of the personal note was not based on some system that was part of a program – like you hear about today. It was what you did to be kind and appreciative. When you attended a party, you thanked the hostess with a nice handwritten personal note.

When I got married and my name changed, I got new embossed note cards with my new initials. I first used these to write thank you notes for the gifts I received at my wedding. The next time I remember using them was with the birth of my daughter, McKenna. I used them again when my son, Chad was born and I wrote a personal note to thank people for the gift they sent.

My mom bought me a lifetime supply of pretty little embossed thank you notes that I still use today. But little did I realize the power of this one particular note dated 1995 when stamps were 32 cents.

This personal note takes me back to my current sellers, Tom and Kathy who just sold their home in Kingsville, MO. One day when I was at their house, Tom came out of his office and said, “Look what I found!” He handed me the note which he had filed away.

I had written this note to Tom when I first met him in 1995. It was to thank him for choosing me as his real estate agent. I was at J.D. Reece and looking at my business card, it brought back memories that you either called me at the office or my residence. And if you needed to fax some paperwork, you had my fax number. Very impressive!

The power of the personal note

That was 21 years ago and Tom and I have gone through many real estate transactions together. He bought the house in Lenexa, sold it when he married Kathy and they bought a house in Kingsville. He listed the house in Kingsville and bought a lot a few blocks away so he could build a custom home. They just sold that home and are moving out of town. Tom has also referred me to many of his friends and colleagues.

When I think about all of the transactions we’ve done together over the years, he is the one person who has bought and sold the most houses from me. With the addition of his referral business, he’s at the very top of my best clients ever list. That’s all about the lifetime value of a client.

Tom has bought and sold 6 times with me since 1995. I wonder what might have happened had I not sent him that personal note back in 1995. Would things have turned out the same? After all, I was not the Kingsville, MO expert by any means. But obviously I did a good job, stayed in touch and strengthened the relationship over the years. You never know the power your personal note might have on someone.

Since Tom and Kathy are moving out of town, this will be the last transaction we do together. It’s a good reminder that I have some note writing to catch up on this week – one to Tom and Kathy! I will never again take personal note writing for granted. What’s the lifetime value of a client worth to you?

I’d love to hear from you and find out how you have had a similar note writing experience in your business. Scroll down and leave me a comment.

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