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Do You Have a Budget for Preparing Your Home for Sale?

One of the first questions I always ask sellers, is do you have a budget for preparing your home for sale? In other words, do you have some money to spend to spruce things up a bit?

There are two types of home sellers:

  1. Those of you who understand the better your house looks, the more money you will keep
  2. Those of you who don’t want to put another dime into the house you’ll be selling

Which one are you?

I’m not saying either is right or wrong. But if you want to negotiate your price up as high as it can go, you need to do some things first to make that happen.

On the other hand, if you don’t care how much money you walk away with, just put your house on the market and you’ll get what you get. Either way is ok, but the golden rule of home staging is all about getting as much money as possible when selling your largest investment. After all, you’ll either keep your money or your buyer will take your money. You’re in control until you give your control to your buyer. It’s your choice.

If you’re a smart home seller, you’ll be willing to spend a little to make a lot. Funny thing is, a lot of what needs to happen doesn’t relate to spending money. It all comes down to spending time. It’s all in preparing your home for sale. Much of your preparation is weeding it out and packing it up for the move. After all, the way you live in your home is one way. The way you sell your house is another way. It’s the concept of turning a personal experience into a business transaction. It’s what I do very well if you’re onboard with me.

Preparing your home for sale

Preparing your home for sale can mean different things. A few years ago, I showed some sellers how by adding granite and a new backsplash in their kitchen, their house would sell for much more than they were expecting. They made the updates, I staged their home to look its best and it sold for $12,000 more than they anticipated.

My friends Rick and Karen sold their home for $15,000 over asking price within hours of coming on the market. They spent money upfront to make their home very marketable and move in ready.

Today’s buyers want to be impressed. They are comparing your house to other houses they’ve seen. If all the houses in the $250,000 price range have granite and yours doesn’t, you’re probably going to appear to be overpriced. Buyers will make the determination that they can buy a house for $250,000 with granite countertops. So you are only hurting yourself by not being comparable to other houses in the $250,000 price range.

Each house is different. I make recommendations of how to sell your house on a shoestring budget when I do my initial consultation. I recently had more than one house on the same street for sale. That price range and neighborhood didn’t have granite so that wasn’t important in selling. I did ask the sellers to paint their kitchen, replace the hardware on their cabinets and replace a couple of light fixtures. After I completed accessorizing and staging their home, it sold for $5,000 more than any house had ever sold for in their neighborhood by following my suggestions. They spent less than $500 and reaped the benefits of keeping more of their own money.

Bottom line

Do you see how preparing your home for sale can net you more money? If you’d like to know how you can save money when preparing your home for sale, so you make more money when you sell, call me direct at (913) 515-3250 or contact me here.

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