Real Estate Radio Network – Be Careful What You Wish For!

real estate radio networkThere’s a new real estate radio show coming to Overland Park in 2014 in conjunction with the Real Estate Radio Network. Several months ago, I was contacted by RERN to see if I would be interested in hosting my own weekly radio show. Last week, the CEO of RERN was in town and met with all of the potential contenders at The Capital Grille on the Plaza. The following day I was notified that I would be hosting my own show.

Yes, I will still be listing, selling and staging houses. The Radio Show will take some weekly time commitment but RERN is an established organization that does most of the set up. They are expanding their network to the Kansas City area and are planning the launch in January, 2014.

Naturally, this is all in the beginning stages and I will be travelling to San Diego for further training in December. Once I complete the training, RERN will locate a station and will negotiate all of the details for me. Needless to say, I’m extremely excited to have this opportunity to be the voice for the Overland Park area local real estate market through the Real Estate Radio Network.

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